Which Sunscreen is the Least Harmful?

Summer is coming. Over the last year I have learned a lot about food and the products we use and how good or bad for us they can be.

Along the way, I discovered a web site that has a database of products which rates the chemicals in everyday beauty products and sunscreen falls under that category.

I am addicted to this web site

Here is a link to EWG (Environmental Working Group). You can plug in thousands of products and find out about them based on their ingredients.

For example, this is a sunscreen we have used in the past and it’s rating.



Which Sunscreens are Safest to Use?

EWG has a sunscreen guide that lists 172 safe(r) sunscreens. I’m a little overwhelmed by that size of a list. A friend told me she uses and likes Blue Lizard and it’s on the list, so I might try that one, but MAN! it’s expensive. I thought the sunscreen I used to buy was expensive — this is a lot more! I also found it on Walgreens.com for $14, so maybe they have it in their stores.

DIY Sunscreen?

I got some ingredients and am working on making my own. So far I have crashed and burned (ha – not burned literally!), but if I end up coming up with something that works I will let you know.

Do we even need to wear sunscreen?

Some people argue you don’t need to wear sunscreen. My sense is: the sun is good for you (Vitamin D), but burning is not. My husband is very fair-skinned and burns easily, so I think it’s especially important for him. Our kids are young and I worry about them getting sun damage. I certainly don’t want to protect our skin with something that might be harmful, so that’s why I am exploring all of this.

What do you recommend? Anyone have any thoughts on sunscreen?

In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know about this web site. I have learned a lot by plugging in the soap, shampoo and other products my family uses on a regular basis. I haven’t used it yet, but my friend told me there a free app! You can scan bar codes at the store to get quick information.

Happy researching!



Disclaimer – I am not a doctor and have no affiliation with EWG.

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