Women Who Make Things Look Easy

My friend, Sili, is one of those incredible people who can accomplish 8 million things and make everything look effortless.


I met Sili several years ago at a blogging conference when we were both new to it, and I have followed her blog and business My Mamihood ever since. She’s a wiz online, a great writer and networker. She even coaches other writers and business owners now. If your business needs help with social media and blogging she would be a fantastic person talk to about it. She lives in Florida. I live in Tennessee. Last year, I opened my mail and saw her featured in a pamphlet from Pampers. How cool is that?!?!


At one point, I checked in on her blog and she was off to meet the President. Go Sili!!

She was getting a lot of questions from others on how she manages so many things so well and decided to make the organizing system she uses into a planner others could use too. Again, Go Sili!!

Sili speaks both English and Spanish but her organizer called Organizada is in English. Here are some photos:




Get the organizer here.

  Are you a blogger? If so, this is a great tool. Not a blogger. If you know one, this makes a great gift! You can order one and have it sent directly.

How do you guys stay organized? I am a HUGE fan of the to do list. I like a paper one, because I find it tremendously satisfying to cross things off my list.


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