Five Things To Mention

1. My kids like something called They are learning, but it’s fun. They enjoy the escape games in particular. Kids navigate a series of rooms (occasionally using math) to solve puzzles. Even Bert has gotten sucked into it with them a time or two. Kids + Math = I’m okay with that screen time.

2. iPad restrictions are working out pretty well. When school started, we decided to only let the kids play on their devices during the weekends and we like that so far. We are heading into pleasant weather and I want them outside as much as possible. Also, those things are a time suck, and I would rather them do homework or play board games instead of mine craft. (Watching mine craft videos is what they like to do right now. And Hodamath.)

3. Gluten-free Food Lesson #1: Just because the lettuce wraps are on the gluten free menu at PF Chang’s doesn’t mean they are gluten free. You have to specify you want the gluten free version. Gluten-free Food Lesson #2: Just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s good for you. I have been pigging out on gluten free junk food lately. Uh, hello there, six pounds. (Somebody get me some broccoli.)

4. We watched Bloodline on Netflix per my sister Amy’s recommendation. It started slow, but we really liked it by the end. Great acting and cinematography.  It was very suspenseful as the story unfolded through a series of flashbacks.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 5.12.31 PM

5. Our new favorite board game is Sequence. It’s fun. I was really frustrated at first because I couldn’t win. Now I am better at it and really enjoy it. The kids like it, too. You try to get 2 sets of five in a row, playing a token according to the seven cards in your hand with each player taking turns. You have to get your sequence while blocking your opponent.

What did you guys learn this week?


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