The Happenings Around Here: Halloween Talk and Food Stuff


Halloween is the big topic around here right now.

“Molly, what are you going to be for halloween?”

“Charlie, how about you?”
“Warren Buffet.”

Actually, he no longer wants to be Warren (for Halloween anyway). He’s back on the idea of being a vending machine which he planned to do last year but instead was a mad scientist. If you missed his vending machine prototype drawing, it’s pretty cute.  So, we may be back to that. Who knows?! It changes daily around here. Maybe you can relate to that.

We have a costume birthday party before halloween so that will make us get our act together.

We got a Halloween catalog in the mail (Wishcraft, I think). It had the same costume I got Molly on Amazon for $25 listed as $49.95! Its the same costume with all the same pieces and the same child model. By the way, WHY does Amazon make the size medium $29 and the size large $25? I am sure there is some algorithm in the mix because there’s no logic there that I can find.

 Food Stuff

Did you know Honey Nut Cheerios are Gluten-free? Not that I can pig out or anything, there’s sugar in them and they are carbs BUT its nice to know. Plus, my kids eat a lot of them. And while they do not have to avoid gluten, it’s not good for them, so it’s just a bonus they like something that happens to be gluten-free.


What’s the Deal With Gluten Anyway?

Kinda seems like a diet fad or something that is just for people with celiac disease (those poor folks who are so allergic it just wrecks them if they have even a speck of it).

I wasn’t feeling well, so I changed my food. Feeling desperate, I did an elimination diet, where I stripped out all the tricky foods and added them back in one by one to find out what works and what doesn’t work. I am NOT allergic to anything but I am sensitive to gluten and dairy. And I am better off without them. I lost a lot of weight by avoiding gluten and limiting sugar and dairy. By the way, that was with almost NO exercise. Just a food change.

I didn’t exercise because I didn’t feel well. I am not advocating anyone change food and not exercise. You absolutely need to exercise to be healthy, but what I learned from my situation was that significant weight loss was largely about food. I look back at my chunkier self exercising all the time with the goal of weight loss and wish I could thump myself in the forehead and tell myself to change the food.

Off of gluten, I sleep better and my skin is better, too.  I just feel better without it. When I accidentally eat some, it takes about 24 hours for me to feel the effects and I feel yucky. I sure to do miss those sweets, though. I really does stink sometimes, I am not going to lie. But at least there are lots and lots of gluten free options for sweets out there.

Easy Vegetable Beef Soup

  • 1 lb 1/2 Stew Beef
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 to 2 Carrots
  • 1 stalk Celery
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 potato (optional)
  • some slides up cabbage
  • water, salt, pepper

I cut cut up the beef into small pieces and brown it with an onion. You can cook it on the stove or move it to a crock pot. I do the crock pot with the meat on the bottom. Layer everything else on top, cover it with water and add salt and pepper. Let it cook until the carrots are done.



Notes: Add or subtract any vegetables you like/don’t like. You could spice it up with other stuff, but I am good with just salt and pepper. I try to use grass-fed beef and all organic veggies. This dish is gluten free and you can eat off of it for a couple of days, so it’s really convenient when we have busy evenings.

I love fall.  And Halloween. And soup.

What are your kids up to for Halloween? Got any favorite soups you are looking forward to having?


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