Sea Salt Sweet Desserts By Heather Baird

Do you love salty-sweet desserts? If so, you will LOVE Seat Salt Sweet: The Art of Using Salts for the Ultimate Dessert Experience.

It was created by the talented Heather Baird of Sprinkle Bakes and the treats inside are absolutely incredible. When I flip through the pages, I find the whole thing just delightful. More importantly, so does my 2nd grader, Charlie. I ordered Sea Salt Sweet on Amazon for him for Christmas, and he’s been dragging it around ever since.


And you can see why, its full of things that look like this…


I tracked Heather down before Christmas and got her to sign his book. She gave him a collection of sea salts which he LOVES and these adorable measuring spoons. (Thank you, Heather!)


How cute are these?! Charlie was excited to learn how much a “dash” is. And he has loved experimenting with the salts.


The other night he ate his carrot into the shape of a spoon – I think this is influence from Heather Baird’s first book, Sprinkle Bakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist.


I am pretty sure Charlie is her littlest biggest fan. This book has been all over our house and even on road trips. One time we were at a local BBQ restaurant and charlie took a spoon, scooped out the center chunk of his cornbread, filled it with honey and then replaced the top of the cornbread before eating it.





Sea Salt Sweet and Sprinkle Bakes are wonderful gift ideas for the sweets-lover in your life. Please keep them in mind for any upcoming gift-giving occasions. It’s great for kids, too! Both of my kids love to make and eat sweets and they both watch cake shows on TV. Do you or your kids? Have any favorites?

Have a great day, Friends!


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