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Dance Party Goodness (A PSA To Take More Video)

I wrote this a while ago and just found it. Had to share. My daughter, Molly, to my husband and me:  “We’re going to do a show for you…” We sit on the couch, and my son, Charlie, starts the music as both kids begin dancing to the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Molly brings […]

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Motherhood Moments: The Babies

My beloved niece, Lydia, does funny things with her baby dolls. This is providing my sister with some laughs. I am so glad she remembered to snap pictures. Here’s an old one and two new ones that I thought were funny. Bad Babies You put your right foot in… No, your right foot. Dummy. This […]

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Motherhood Moments: Chaos Contrition & Humor

So if you missed it, last week I posted this on Facebook Later that day, I received this: According to Molly, the drawing on the right is a re-enactment of my driving into our other car: Oh good, wouldn’t want to forget that. Apparently, the curse words I remember yelling when I hit our other […]

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Tortilla Soup Recipe

So, my childhood BFF (Missy) gave me this recipe for tortilla soup that is really really easy and very very tasty. Ingredients 1 pound shredded, cooked chicken 1 (15 ounce) can whole peeled tomatoes, mashed 1 (10 ounce) can enchilada sauce  1 medium onion, chopped  1 (4 ounce) can chopped green chile peppers  2 cloves […]

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Budget Friendly Anniversary Party Ideas

My parents recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and we threw them a party. Anyway, my sisters and I were doing the party together and our goal was to make it special without breaking the bank. Here are a few budget-friendly tips from the anniversary party we threw: Event Location We had the party at […]

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It was a beautiful weekend here in East Tennessee with lots of much needed outdoor time. This afternoon, I was sitting in the kitchen when I saw a massive sleeping bag wad with two little Charlie legs sticking out of the bottom run through the kitchen toward the garage door. “Uh, where are you going […]

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Charlie and the Mayonnaise

So, the other day, I discovered that Charlie (6) had made and eaten a snack. That’s very independent of him, and I appreciated that he was taking care of himself. What was the snack? Cheese and mayonnaise. Uh, gross. So we talked about mayonnaise. Again. A week or so later, I found him making himself […]

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8 Practical Tips and Ideas for Putting Together A Nursery

If you are expecting and getting a plan together for a nursery, here are some ideas I loved and things that worked really well for us: 1. A dresser is a better buy than a changing table. The dresser will grow with your child, so you don’t have to ditch it later and spend more […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Charlie (5 at the time) composed this email to his aunt, named Paula Scarborough. The name he typed into the To: space said  Pola Scarbro and I did a screen grab of his message which is as follows.   Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

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The Proposal: Our Engagement Story

My friend Beth asked me to write about my relationship with my husband on her blog for a Valentine’s series, and I said no. I said no, because that’s not the kind of thing I usually share, but I got to thinking about our engagement and decided to make an exception, because it’s pretty cool […]

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