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I Don’t Like It

My daughter (7) and her friends at school have started to take in interest in boys. She started talking to me about it recently, and I was genuinely startled. As she was talking, I looked down only to discover that a fire hose of sweat was shooting out from each armpit.  I pressed my lips […]

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7 Tips for Taking Little Kids to the Movies

#1 Go for cheap. Make the first movie you take your kids to one at a discount theater. Or, in the summer, Regal Cinemas has a program called Summer Express where they show second-run movies for only a dollar or two. If they can’t make it through the show, you won’t feel badly about leaving […]

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Branching Out

Tip: Use tree branches for decorating. Do you have a Bradford Pear tree? There are lots of them in Knoxville. Honestly, it’s not my favorite tree, because they break a lot. But there is one thing that I like about them….in the winter, you can cut branches off of a Bradford Pear tree and use […]

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How To Connect Your TV to Your Computer

If you have (or want to have) music, TV shows, movies and other content on your computer and view or play it through your TV, you can use one of the devices mentioned in this video. Also, according to my super-smart brother-in-law you have options with a PS3, Wii or Blue Ray DVD player. He […]

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How to Make Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Have you ever heard of rain gutter bookshelves for a nursery or playroom? Essentially, you cut pieces of gutter to the desired length, use gutter end caps and include some support brackets intermittently. You can find detailed instructions on Must Love Babies and Raising Olives. I have been planning to do this project for over […]

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Six Words About Motherhood

Read a great article about how Smith Magazine asked its readers to write their own memoir in only six words. It really took off and some of the memoirs have even been compiled into books. Their site has memoirs by different categories including Life, Love, Happiness, etc. There is even a category where you can […]

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Charlie the Candy Bandit Strikes Again

“Do you have a dog?” someone might ask.  “No, we have a Charlie, and he can sniff out candy like a bloodhound,” I would say. By all accounts, he should have a mouth full of rotten teeth. But alas, his practically vegetarian sister who brushes and flosses all the time had the cavity at our […]

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A New Fitness Option: Stroller Strides

In honor of, you know, January, and everyone’s renewed focus on fitness…meet Holly! Holly is a mother of two and mompreneur who runs a fitness-related business called Stroller Strides. And while Holly’s business is located in Knoxville, Tenn. Stroller Strides has numerous locations around the U.S., which is why I thought this might be interesting […]

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And the $50 Home Depot Gift Card Winner is…

Christina! Congratulations — second time’s the charm! I hear some blue (washable) paint calling your name. Many thanks to The Home Depot for making this giveaway possible! And by the way, if I ever work at one of your stores, I totally want to drive the Zamboni. (Although, with my inability to clear a doorway, […]

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Motherhood Moments

Found the missing piece to our sorry game when I cleaned out a closet and set these books on the coffee table… My daughter brought home her friend’s phone number on a piece of mulch. Okay, so here’s how I imagine the conversation went… “Gimme your phone number?” “But I don’t have a pencil.” “That’s […]

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