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And the $50 Home Depot Gift Card Winner is…

Christina! Congratulations — second time’s the charm! I hear some blue (washable) paint calling your name. Many thanks to The Home Depot for making this giveaway possible! And by the way, if I ever work at one of your stores, I totally want to drive the Zamboni. (Although, with my inability to clear a doorway, […]

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Motherhood Moments

Found the missing piece to our sorry game when I cleaned out a closet and set these books on the coffee table… My daughter brought home her friend’s phone number on a piece of mulch. Okay, so here’s how I imagine the conversation went… “Gimme your phone number?” “But I don’t have a pencil.” “That’s […]

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Toys You Should Buy for People You Secretly Hate

Okay, if there was a lemon-of-a-Christmas-gift in the bunch you have surely identified it by now. What was it? For us, the worst Christmas gift was actually one from a whole year ago. That means it’s been giving me joy and splendor (and sphincter clenches) for all that time. What is it, you say? Why, […]

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LEDs in the House

In an effort to make our home more energy efficient, we swapped out the recessed lights in our kitchen with eco-friendly LED ones. Honestly, I would NEVER have tried this on my own. Why? Because these suckers are $39/each and that’s a lotta jack.  I also was skeptical about whether or not I would even […]

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Great Gift Idea for a Guy

If you want to reconnect with your neighbors, buy your husband a remote control airplane. I have called every neighbor in a 3-house radius to avoid some neighbor kid saying, “Hey, Mom, there’s a man in our tree!” Actually, everything came to a standstill when the plane ended up in the tip top of a […]

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Five Things To Do in 2012

This is me talking to myself – I’m not telling anyone what to do. But as the sun sets on 2011, I thought I would share my thoughts in case any of this resonates with you. #1 Make Better Decisions Time is precious, so I need to make better decisions about how to spend my […]

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Best of 2011 – Humor

It’s been a year of chuckles, Friends. Thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the funniest moments of 2011 on TheMommyhood.com. Adventures in Attic Insulation Okay, So I Have Something to Tell You Milkshakes, Losers & Idiots The YMCA Flash Mob in my Mind The Wiz Why I Shouldn’t […]

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Kindergarten Wisdom

Our friend Riley is a hoot! Not only is she a fantastic person, but she is unusually wise for her age and says things that are both intriguing and hilarious. Lucky for us her mom created @rileysays on Twitter to share her kindergarten wisdom with others. I just read through her quotes again and thought […]

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A Home Energy Improvement for Only $15

We recently switched from incandescent to CFL bulbs for our outdoor floods lights.  I got soft white, because harsh white CFL bulbs make me twitch. (Especially the indoor ones, which I prefer to use in places like closets). Anyway, a two-pack of the incandescent outdoor floodlights that we normally buy costs $13.97. The CFL two-pack […]

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Old Things New Use – China Cabinet Door Becomes Wall Art

This is the door to my grandmother’s china cabinet. I intend to refinish the cabinet at some point, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. The door happened to be sitting against the wall which made me think it might be cool hanging on the wall… Worried the door and glass might fall, […]

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