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Desperately Seeking Spandex

I would say I’m a planner. If there’s something big going on, you can bet my clothes are pressed and set out the night before. Suffice it to say, it drives me bonkers if I overlook an important detail. But, you know there’s always something… I went to have headshots taken by a professional photographer […]

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It's my…blogoversary

TheMommyhood is ONE! Hard to believe I have been actively blogging for over a year now – 211 posts later, what I want to say is a big ole thank you to my readers. I am grateful for your support. Even if you don’t comment (although I love comments), I know you were here because […]

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Took the Kids to Washington, D.C.

We were near the mall and pointing out a historic spot to our kids when one of them produced an audible in-drawn breath and said “A SQUIRREL! Ohmigish, Ohigosh, Mom, look at that!” And the moral of the story is…six and three-year olds are a little too young to appreciate Washington, D.C. We lived there for […]

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Simple Calendar Solution

I’m always interested in how other moms manage their family activities. A friend of mine has this weekly calendar by 3M. It’s basically a pad of paper that attaches to the wall and one sheet represents one week. You add the date next to the day of the week. Each family member gets their own […]

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Chalking It Up To Paint

We were visiting dear friends recently, and I was watching the kids play with chalk. Only their kids had a new twist on things. They put the chalk in water and it became paint-like. (Crayola actually makes a chalk paint product, but why buy it when you can just take what you have and put […]

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Five Ways To Work in the ABCs and 1-2-3s

In my experience, the first-born child spends the most time on educational activities largely because they are the only child and we parents have more time to devote to the ABCs and 1-2-3s. Subsequent kids… um, well, that’s still important, but we have more plates to spin. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhoos1oY404] So, I am always looking for quick and easy […]

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Check Out This Adorable Candy Corn Wreath

My friend and fellow Mom Blogger, Lindsay, made this super-cool Halloween wreath after seeing one like it in Woman’s Day Magazine. She is also making a really fun goldfish Halloween costume for her son. (I will be making the ever-so-complicated ghost costume). Both of these projects require more patience than I possess, so I must bow […]

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Wii – Just Dance Over Here

We got a Wii a while back and used it a little at first. Then our interest in it sort of fizzled. Recently, two things revived our use of the Wii… 1). We moved it from the main livingroom TV and put it in the playroom. We realized the kids were capable of turning it […]

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Okay, So I’m Clumsy When I’m Angry

Well, I wasn’t going to share this next story. Especially after I confessed on my FB fan page that I actually fell down making my bed. (Like it was my fault — the tread on my new sneakers was just too much for my speedy bed-making abilities).  I don’t really want to present myself as […]

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Do you ever look at a mess or something in your house that needs to be done and think to yourself, if I don’t deal with that it will be there until the end of time? A while back, Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs told Oprah that if we didn’t have roadkill-removal […]

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