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What’s New in Baby Gear? Straight Jackets!

One of my best friends, Angie, had her second baby recently, and we were discussing what’s new and useful. Here are some of the things we discussed.  The NEW baby burrito! There’s nothing wrong with old-school swaddling BUT Angie and her husband are both huge fans of velcro swaddlers. Or, as I like to think of them - baby […]

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Motherhood Moments: The Babies

My beloved niece, Lydia, does funny things with her baby dolls. This is providing my sister with some laughs. I am so glad she remembered to snap pictures. Here’s an old one and two new ones that I thought were funny. Bad Babies You put your right foot in… No, your right foot. Dummy. This […]

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8 Practical Tips and Ideas for Putting Together A Nursery

If you are expecting and getting a plan together for a nursery, here are some ideas I loved and things that worked really well for us: 1. A dresser is a better buy than a changing table. The dresser will grow with your child, so you don’t have to ditch it later and spend more […]

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Fabric/Decor Ideas for Nursery or Kid’s Rooms

I…am a lover of fabric. My sewing skills are not awesome, but I can make basic home decor items like throw pillows and I made the crib bedding my kids used. But mostly, I just think about projects a lot and cruise fabric web sites. Recently, I found some really inexpensive fabric that would be […]

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A Birdie Made a Nest and Laid Eggs in Our Windowsill – I Took Pictures

We have lots of birds around here. We have seen nests and found eggs – usually broken and on the ground. We love little birdies and were were so excited to find a bird’s nest on the windowsill of our playroom. We have had a front row seat and have been so excited to watch it […]

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The Baby Sucks: The Nurser

In my book, the chapter on nursing is called “Shards of Glass” because when you first start nursing…well, it hurts like hell! (I worked through it, though.) Anyway, this drawing by  my dear friend Heather Hopp-Bruce is funny and relatable. My kids did some – if not all – of these things with a bottle, too.

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WubbaNubs Are Cool Pacifiers

My kids and I recently met up with my daughter’s teacher from last year to see her and meet her new baby. And her baby had the coolest pacifier ever! It’s called a WubbaNub, and it is basically a stuffed-animal pacifier. According to the company’s web site, this product was invented by a mom who was […]

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