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And God Bless…Summer Camp!

And God Bless…Summer Camp!

For some moms (ahem, me) summer with kids can produce unusual mothering outcomes. The last two months have been nutty. My husband travels so I’ve been exposed to a few EXTRA helpings of quality time with my beloved children (and not enough cookies) so I am starting to feel the effects. In fact, both kids […]

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Too Much Summer Fun = Slap Fest

Disclaimer: This is not how we are all the time. But this is what happened, and I am here to own it.  This summer has been BY FAR the busiest, most active summer yet. I know I am fortunate to get to work from home because that allows me to spend summer days with the […]

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Never a Dull Moment

I was asked to speak to my son’s preschool class for their author-of-the-month series. Charlie wanted me to bring my giant poster of the book cover that I use for events. When I first had the poster made, I was telling my illustrator, Heather Hopp-Bruce about it and instead of just sending her a picture, […]

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And I Thought I Could Coast for a Bit…

My kids are still little, but we’ve reached a level of independence that’s awesome. Everyone buckles their own seat belt and wipes their own butt. Most of the time. (There’s nothing so disturbing as happening upon an un-flushed toilet with poop and NO toilet paper in it. Ew.) There’s a constant retraining  effort under way. […]

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How to Capture Your Kids’ Growth Over Time

There are days when my kids get up in the morning and I know they grew while they were sleeping. A while back I stumbled onto this frog growth chart at a store I love (Bobby Todd in Sweetwater, TN). I got it for decorative purposes, but eventually decided to measure the kids and actually […]

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Death of a Salesmom: Charlie and the Coupon Book

No one tells you when you become a mom that in addition to coming up with ALL of the money you need to raise your child, savvy organizations will use your child to enslave you to fundraise for them.  These kids are little; they can’t go out on their own and sell stuff. So WE […]

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Cross Country Initiation Motherhood Fail

Tip: When the paper says the cross country meet is at 5:30. That means the running starts at 5:30. I mistook it for gathering time. And I also thought it was a small event. So we were trying to get there at 5:15. But there were over 1,000 (are you kidding me?) people there, so […]

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Lessons Learned: Ear Piercing

A couple of months ago, I took my daughter, Molly (7), to get her ears pierced. It was her idea and she was ready, so we went to Claire’s. I was six when my mom took me to Claire’s to get mine done. Some things never change. A little purple dot of marker on your […]

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Babyhood Gone

My kids and I were in line to pay for milk at the grocery store the other day when I heard myself say it. Charlie (5) was mesmerized by the gravitational force known as check-out-aisle candy as Molly (7) cooed at the baby in the cart in front of us. I looked at the baby […]

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The Joy of Swim Lessons

A friend of mine was talking to me about a child who drowned and how she was going to put her daughter in swim lessons. My son, Charlie is four and doesn’t know how to swim. He’s perfectly happy to play in a shallow pool of water and has no interest in learning. Up to […]

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