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Feeling Saucy? Pick up a Dinner Dividend.

I’m lazy. I don’t like to cook very much. It’s just not something I am passionate about, so I am always on the hunt for ways to produce quick and easy meals. One thing I do that is easy and pays a dinner dividend is to get sauce. Good sauce. Do you have a favorite Italian restaurant? […]

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Vision Board: Um, Who Am I Again?

I had a vision — for my office. I thought that if I made it fresh and fun that I would write there and be inspired to create with abandon.  I got a Mac, a cute desk I painted green and hung a cork board. Where do I work? At our messy black desk on the main […]

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And Give Us This Day, Our Daily Wound

It’s spring break, so my husband took the day off of work and we decided to take the kids to see Rock City in Lookout Mountain, Ga. Here are a few pictures. The swinging bridge. We even ran into the Easter Bunny. (My kids now think the Easter Bunny lives at Rock City.) A good time […]

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Motherhood Moment

I’m not proud of this, but it makes me laugh. My son wanted a cool band-aid and I didn’t have any.

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10 Things Learned from My Purple Foot

So, I have been looking for the humor in the busted ankle of this past week. (If you need the back story, read You Know You are Having a Bad Week When You Borrow Your Dad’s Walker). Here are some things I learned about being injured and on crutches: It  rains a lot when you are […]

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Motherhood: A Job Description

Wanted. Woman who is unafraid of poop, vomit, and mucus. Must be selfless and willing to work long hours for no pay. Must also be willing to forgo sleep and eat cold food that is supposed to be hot. Duties include nose-wiping, butt-wiping, sandwich-making and poo removal. Must be able to wrestle a toddler into […]

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An Unintended Benefit

Holy cow do I make my share of bad decisions as a mom, but every now and again I do something right. I wrote a post around Valentine’s Day (The Card Is In the Mail – P.S. I Love You) about getting my kids little mailboxes and writing them notes so they get some “mail.” By doing […]

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Paging Doctor Meany (OB Doctors are Mean)

Intentionally mean people make me twitch. Unintentionally mean people make me twitch, too. I have a neighbor who is due to have her second baby this week. Couple of weeks ago she went to see a doctor who said something unintentionally cruel, “Pack your bag…it’s any day now.” If you are or can remember being […]

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A Letter of Apology to My Vacuum

WARNING! This post is not for weaklings…then again, neither is motherhood! There are certain household items that not only deserve my respect, but my apology. One of those is my vacuum. (Another is the toilet, but I don’t really want to write that letter, nor do you want to read it).  Okay, back to the apology […]

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Bribery: A Path to Cooperation

I’ll be honest, I stoop to bribery sometimes.  I’m not thumping my chest here, just being honest. There are times when I just can’t handle doing things the hard way, so I play one of the Trump cards I’ve been stockpiling. Today, it was something a little more exotic than normal –gummy worms recently supplied by the […]

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