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Babyhood Gone

My kids and I were in line to pay for milk at the grocery store the other day when I heard myself say it. Charlie (5) was mesmerized by the gravitational force known as check-out-aisle candy as Molly (7) cooed at the baby in the cart in front of us. I looked at the baby […]

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The Joy of Swim Lessons

A friend of mine was talking to me about a child who drowned and how she was going to put her daughter in swim lessons. My son, Charlie is four and doesn’t know how to swim. He’s perfectly happy to play in a shallow pool of water and has no interest in learning. Up to […]

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Wondering What Your Kids Will Be When They Grow Up? I Am.

“Is your comma in the paper today, Mommy?” Charlie (4) recently asked. But beyond that statement, I didn’t realize he had any interest in what I do until I watched him at the park leaning on his elbow and talking to a four-year-old-girl named Molly that he knows from school: Charlie: “What are you gonna […]

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How Not to Handle A Problem at School

Kids learn a lot at school, but so do parents. School, preschool, and daycare have taught me quite a bit so far. And the learning continues… How I Handled a Daycare Problem the WRONG Way When my kids were little I worked full time. My kids went to a fantastic little preschool/daycare near our house […]

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Little Treasures: What Goes Around Comes Around

So, if you have been around much you have probably noticed that I am into making simple treasure hunts for my kids. I have even used a treasure hunt to ease my departure when I was traveling. In fact, I went on a trip a few weeks ago and left my kids with a […]

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5 Things You Can Learn From Your Kids

I thought it was my job to teach my kids. It is, but the truth is I learn from them all the time. They teach me the obvious things, things I used to know and somehow forgot, such as: #1 -When you are full, stop eating. Both my kids do this, which means overeating is a […]

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Guest Post: 10 Things NOT to Say to An Adoptive Parent

Being the parent of children adopted across racial lines tends to put my family in a bit more noticeable light.  Since we don’t “blend” people tend to become aware of us when we’re out and about.  And that’s fine, my kiddos are rather adorable and I’d probably take a second gander myself.  But often the line gets crossed […]

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P.S. I Love You…

Okay, so I am heading off to a blog conference (Blissdom) for a few days. I love and hate to leave my kids. To make the departure a little easier, I try to leave them with something fun. Last year I gave them a treasure hunt that led to one of those Hallmark recordable storybooks. […]

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The Starry Night

Story Night on a Starry Night

One night at bed time, my daughter asked me to tell her a story. Creatively bankrupt, I decided to just tell her a real story. She loved it, and asked me if I would tell her a little story every night. While I didn’t promise that, I did say I would try to start telling […]

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I Don’t Like It

My daughter (7) and her friends at school have started to take in interest in boys. She started talking to me about it recently, and I was genuinely startled. As she was talking, I looked down only to discover that a fire hose of sweat was shooting out from each armpit.  I pressed my lips […]

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