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Looking for a Pregnancy Book in Spanish? Get Secrets of the Mommyhood (en Espanol)!

I…have a secret. Well, technically, it’s a secretos!  The Spanish edition of Secrets of the Mommyhood is now available on Amazon! If you happen to know a first time mom-to-be, please tell her about this book which is full of helpful tips for first-time moms, and, of course, funny stories – now available en Español! […]

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Book Signing at Smart Toys & Books

Chello Friends. Happy Summer! Wanted to let you know I will be at Smart Toys & Books this Saturday signing books. If you are nearby and have a few minutes, please stop by and say hi. Smart Toys & Books 9700 Kingston Pike Knoxville, Tennessee Book Signing: Saturday, August 2nd 11-1 The store owner, Lynda, […]

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Cooking Tips & Inspiration From Stephanie at Never the Same Spice Twice Blog

Okay, Friends.  Something interesting is happening to me that I didn’t anticipate. I have met some really cool people through my book. What? You mean your blog? No, my book. I have approached a few bloggers who are expecting about reading my book. Seems like a good idea to help spread the word, right? It […]

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What I Wish I’d Known: Professional Organizer Karen Sprinkle (Part I)

Set Up Good Systems & Embrace Imperfection I was a student of organization during the last two decades of the twentieth century. I struggled as many of you do with clutter and chaos. I read books, tried new techniques, enjoyed a few successes and learned how NOT to do things. I declared myself to be […]

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Never a Dull Moment

I was asked to speak to my son’s preschool class for their author-of-the-month series. Charlie wanted me to bring my giant poster of the book cover that I use for events. When I first had the poster made, I was telling my illustrator, Heather Hopp-Bruce about it and instead of just sending her a picture, […]

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What I Wish I’d Known: Other People’s Kids

What I Wish I’d Known: If you think children are annoying, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own (This falls into the “Embrace the fact you’re not a saint” category) By Heather Hopp-Bruce Before I had kids, I enjoyed being with kids for limited amounts of time and panicked when asked to hold a baby. […]

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B97.5 Parenting Expo

Well,  I try to stay away from covering local stuff because you guys are everywhere, but I wanted to let those who are in Knoxville know that I will be a speaker at the B97.5 Parenting Expo this year in support of my book. (I keep having this recurring vision of myself tripping onto a stage, and […]

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DC In Style Blog

Something really cool happened to me right after my book launched. I got a very sweet note from someone who read it. This was the first time a COMPLETE stranger read the book and liked it. (And like it enough to contact and tell me about it!) I’ll be honest, I was floored. The book […]

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What I Wish I’d Known: Angie’s Perspective

Angie’s Perspective Being a mom is, by far, the absolute best job I have ever had.  But, as the mother of a now two-year-old, I can look back and say “I wish I had known” about several things. Babies are Really Expensive. It’s not a secret that having a baby is an expensive endeavor.  But, I don’t […]

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Book Reviews: Shout Outs and Thank Yous!

As you know, I have a book out. It’s new, so I am working hard to spread the word. To that end, some fantastic blog friends have read and reviewed the book. I am unbelievably grateful to these great ladies for taking the time to read my book and share their thoughts about it. So, […]

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