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Stir-Fried Beef with Broccoli

Let me just start with…your welcome. Next time you get a hankering for (Americanized) Chinese food, make this. It might seem complicated, but once you have made it one time you won’t think so. And you will know what you get at the end of it, so you will be motivated to make it again […]

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Quick, Easy & Healthy Dinner Ideas

I make a handful of the same recipes over and over again. I needed something new and I needed it to be quick and easy. So I decided to pick up this little sliced ham for around $8. This one was about two pounds so I new I could get at least two dinners out […]

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How To Keep Deli Meat Fresher

I know deli meats probably aren’t the healthiest thing in the world, but its something my kids will eat in their lunches, so I buy it all the time. And, personally, I’m a fan of the sandwich.  I like Boar’s Head from Kroger and am pretty much so spoiled by it that anything else just […]

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Unmentionable Cookies (Worth Mentioning)

Okay, if you are easily offended, this post is not for you! But I had to share these adorable cookie decorating ideas for heart shaped cookies! Wish I had thought of it myself, but I saw it on a really cool blog you must check out called HowDoesShe? In addition to Valentine’s Day, these would […]

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Taco Soup – Num Num

Okay, this is the end of soup week. If you have a soup recipe you love, please paste it into a comment or click on the baby with the rattle over there on the right and share it with us. Last, but not least….Taco Soup. This is Paula Deen’s (Paula, you rock!) recipe and it’s […]

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Potato Soup

If you are interested in some comfort food, this one’s for you! Potato Soup 6 medium potatoes, peeled and diced 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 (8oz) package cream cheese 1/2 stick butter or margarine 1 can cream of mushroon soup 1 can cream of celery soup 1 cup milk 1 tsp garlic salt salt […]

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Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

You would think tortilla soup would be spicy,  but this one is kinda mild. I don’t mind it that way, but if you need it to have more kick, you could easly add some hot stuff to it. I would describe it as a tomato onion soup with tortillas in it. The best part is […]

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White Chicken Chili

Here is a REALLY good recipe for white chicken chili that my sister and mom make a lot. It’s got a lot of flavor and the cheese in it makes it spicy. I forgot to garnish it for the picture, but you can garnish this with cheese, sour cream and jalapenos and serve it with […]

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Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

It is Soup Week at It’s cold, so I have been all about the soup and thought maybe you are too.  So each day this week, I will share a soup recipe I like and tell you about it. First up – a classic – chicken noodle soup. This is my mom’s recepe. It […]

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Best of TheMommyhood 2010

Okay, so I should have posted this to a couple of days ago, but I was busy having fun. Post-Grinch Bowl we celebrated New Years with friends dressed as Saturday Night Live characters. My stomach muscles still hurt from laughing.  Clearly, blogging was not my priority. But I did want to take a quick […]

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