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How to Make Your Own Bath Paint

Need a way to get your kids into the bath?  No problem! Just mix up some bath-time fun with one of these recipes from Angela’s Heartwork! 1. Shaving Cream Fun Mix: shaving cream & food coloring You also need a place to put the colored cream. Angela suggests a muffin tin and only three drops of […]

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Stroller Strides & How to Clean a Jogging Stroller

Stroller Strides My friend, Megan, runs with her baby and uses this jogging stroller. She does something called Stroller Strides, which is an exercise program that moms can do with their babies. It’s a class you take, and the one nearest me costs about $9.00 per class. I’m actually beyond the stroller stage, but thought […]

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Cleaning Products Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the cleaning products giveaway is…. Commenter #1 – Jennifer P! Congratulations, sister!

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Cleaning Products Giveaway

Um, it’s pretty hot in Knoxville – like stay inside hot. And, if you are going to be inside you might be compelled to deal with those dishes in the sink or catch up on a little laundry.  So, how about a few new products to try while you are at it? I got these P&G items as swag when I […]

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Name That Cycle!

So as you know, I just got back from GE’s Momsperience where I saw all the latest and greatest GE Appliances has to offer. While I was there, I was on the hunt for things that might make our lives easier. One thing that stood out to me was a washer/dryer that I found to […]

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What’s Your Least Favorite Household Chore?

I know, like any of them are actually your favorite, but which household chore would you give up first if you had to pick one? Several weeks ago, there was a lot of talk about what people were giving up for Lent. My initial reaction was laundry, but then I thought better of it and […]

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I Pledge Not To Polish the Floor Again

Post spring cleaning frenzy, I embarked (with help from the hubs) on a furniture rearranging frenzy. This left a big ole scratch on our hardwood floor. Wah, wah, wah wahhhhh. So genius that I am I decided to see if I could make it look better by putting something on it. A packet of pledge […]

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How to Decorate Cookies Without the Mess

Ever wonder how to decorate sugar cookies with kids and contain the mess? Here’s what I do. I give each child a cookie sheet on which to decorate.  It helps contain the sprinkles and makes cookie decorating more enjoyable for mom who doesn’t have to worry as much about the aftermath! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Furniture Cleaning Tip

My mom was picking up a new chair, but pointed out a mark on it to the furniture people. They used a spray bottle and a small brush to clean it. Wanna know what was in the bottle? They said it was just water and one drop of Dawn dish soap. Haven’t tried it myself, […]

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Christmas in August?

If you haven’t noticed, most of the shops have their beach towels on clearance by now. I picked up a couple for $6 each and had them monogrammed for $6 each. So, for just $12 – I have nice Christmas gifts for my kids, nieces and nephews. And getting them early not only lets me […]

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