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A Letter of Apology to My Vacuum

WARNING! This post is not for weaklings…then again, neither is motherhood! There are certain household items that not only deserve my respect, but my apology. One of those is my vacuum. (Another is the toilet, but I don’t really want to write that letter, nor do you want to read it).  Okay, back to the apology […]

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Freeze Dusting

Give each child a Swiffer Duster and turn on some music. When mom stops the music, the kids freeze. Then you move to another area and do it again. It’s fun for the kids and you get a little help around the house! I was hunting a picture and found some coupons. Here’s a link: […]

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Invisible Work: Cleaning Is a Thankless Task

Do you ever fee like the work you do at home and with your kids is invisible? I do. It’s something I really struggle with. Work is supposed to have achievements, right? Well, what if you can’t see them?  I know my kids are happy and thriving. I need to remember to stop and appreciate the […]

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