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Life Lessons From A Vegetable Stand

Cat McAfee and her family are up to something interesting at their home near Nashville, TN. They grow fruits and veggies in their backyard and give them away to friends and neighbors at a vegetable stand in their front yard. Cat told me they do this to show their kids what it takes to put food […]

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peaches and cream corn

The Pioneer Women of Gatwick – Learning to Make the Best Corn on the Planet

I recently spent the day learning how to make the best corn off the cob EVER from my husband’s Aunt and Mom. No, no, no, People. This is not narsty creamed corn. This is the corn Aunt Charlotte makes. The kind that family members circle like sharks when it appears as part of the offering […]

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How to Teach Kids About Money With a Lemonade Stand

If you haven’t seen it, read The Dog Walkers first. Not long after we met the dog walkers, my six year old came to me and said she wanted to start a business, too. We decided on a lemonade stand. I knew this would be an excellent opportunity to show her the value of a […]

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Time and Christmastime

Like last year, the whopping deadline known as Christmas morning once again had us up late – this year, until 1:30 a.m.! Fortunately, Christmas Day (post greed-fest) was really low key, so naps were on the docket. But even with naps, my kiddos have been out of sorts for the last few days and I […]

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Vicks Trick for Coughing Kids – It Worked!

Vicks Trick for Coughing Kids – It Worked!

Last night, I heard my little girl coughing in her sleep when I remembered something. Another mom (Lori) told me to put Vick’s Vapor Rub on the bottom of your kids feet and put socks on them to keep them from coughing. I wrote about it on the blog last year when I first started […]

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Took the Kids to Washington, D.C.

We were near the mall and pointing out a historic spot to our kids when one of them produced an audible in-drawn breath and said “A SQUIRREL! Ohmigish, Ohigosh, Mom, look at that!” And the moral of the story is…six and three-year olds are a little too young to appreciate Washington, D.C. We lived there for […]

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Wii – Just Dance Over Here

We got a Wii a while back and used it a little at first. Then our interest in it sort of fizzled. Recently, two things revived our use of the Wii… 1). We moved it from the main livingroom TV and put it in the playroom. We realized the kids were capable of turning it […]

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Can You Guess What We Were Doing?

It was warm, but rainy. In fact, rain pelted our car during the hour-long drive to the launch site, making us question the wisdom of our plan. But we were determined to go anyway. It might be raining, but we were wearing bathing suits. Also, more importantly, we had sitters. My little sister and her […]

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Back to School Tip: Days of the Week Clothing Organizer

I don’t know about you, but getting out the door in the morning for us can go from smooth to hairy in a nanosecond with the opening of a closet door. It seems my daughter always wants to wear the velvet Christmas dress when it’s 95° or a sun dress when it’s winter. It’ much better if the clothing decisions have […]

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Quick and Easy Start-Up Garden

My mom gave me a packet of seeds, so I went to The Home Depot and picked up a couple of clay pots. My daughter and I covered the rims of the pots with some chalk board paint. Then we planted the seeds and labeled them with chalk. It’s a quick, easy, and fun way […]

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