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A Really Good Paint For Little Kids

We got some of this kids paint as a gift and my kids really like it. And I like it because there’s no need for brushes or cups of water that might spill. It’s not totally mess free, but it’s washable. And scented (not that we want our kids sniffing paint). Since my kids really […]

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7 Tips for Taking Little Kids to the Movies

#1 Go for cheap. Make the first movie you take your kids to one at a discount theater. Or, in the summer, Regal Cinemas has a program called Summer Express where they show second-run movies for only a dollar or two. If they can’t make it through the show, you won’t feel badly about leaving […]

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7 Holiday Crafts You Can Do With Kids

The kids are getting ready to be out of school. There might be time for a craft or two. Here are some cute holiday crafts that will not only give your little ones something to do, but any of these would make great last-minute gifts. A tutorial for each can be found by clicking the […]

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“Hey, Mom! Double-Bounce Me!”

Alright, I caved. Getting into the trampoline, I started to chase my kids around in circles making them scream and run. “Double-bounce me and make me fall down,” my seven year old said. “Pleeeease!” she begged. Cool mom that I wanna be, I double bounced her and made her fall. Only she landed funny and […]

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How to Make A Snowman Costume

The following is a tutorial on how to make a low-cost snowman costume with very little sewing. Frosty the Snowman I didn’t do this for the picture, but I plan to stuff his little belly to round him out on Halloween. Right now he looks a little like Frosty the beer drinker. Here’s what you […]

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Surprising the Kids With a Disney Trip

We love surprising our kids. In fact, we often don’t tell them about fun things in advance so we can enjoy that moment when they find out we are doing something really fun. In this case…a trip to Disney World! Here’s How We Surprised Our Kids With a Trip to Disney We picked up the […]

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How to Make Your Own Bath Paint

Need a way to get your kids into the bath?  No problem! Just mix up some bath-time fun with one of these recipes from Angela’s Heartwork! 1. Shaving Cream Fun Mix: shaving cream & food coloring You also need a place to put the colored cream. Angela suggests a muffin tin and only three drops of […]

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Halloween Graveyard Cake Recipe

Looking for a great Halloween dish to make this year? Have you ever seen one of those graveyard cakes? My friend Kristen makes this adorable graveyard cake for Halloween each year. I was hunting a picture of it to show you guys and luckily our friend Adam snapped a picture of it. How cute is […]

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$1 Movies for Kids – Regal’s Summer Movie Express

Regal Cinemas is offering second-run movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m. this summer. The cost is $1 per person and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Will Rogers Institute. This is a first-come first-served situation, so for me that means striking the balance between getting there early enough to get […]

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Mom Tips for the Pool

It’s that time of year again – time to long for my worst pre-baby fat day put on a bathing suit and schlep the kids to the pool.  We are only a week into summer, but I have already seen or thought of a few things that could be helpful. Simple Pool Toys -You can’t beat […]

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