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Sea Salt Sweet Desserts By Heather Baird

Do you love salty-sweet desserts? If so, you will LOVE Seat Salt Sweet: The Art of Using Salts for the Ultimate Dessert Experience. It was created by the talented Heather Baird of Sprinkle Bakes and the treats inside are absolutely incredible. When I flip through the pages, I find the whole thing just delightful. More importantly, […]

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A Great Way To Do the Symphony With Kids

We had the best time in Nashville this weekend with my sister and her family and my parents. We went to see the Nashville Symphony Orchestra play live music to the movie Home Alone. It was a BLAST! I totally recommend it. I even got chills a few times, it was so cool. (You aren’t supposed to […]

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Ever Heard of Cafe Press?

So what would your kids say if you asked them what taxes are? My kids know people have to pay taxes, but I don’t know if they understand what happens to the money. Here’s what happened when some little kids were asked: What Does the Government Buy With Tax Money? (The little girl at the […]

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Imagination Forest (My Sister Opened A Toy Store!)

So, you know how there are people who talk about doing things but they never actually do them. I fall into that category most of the time. Not my sister. She is a can (and WILL) do kinda girl.  Case in point: She wanted to open a toy store. So she left her job in […]

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Country Living Fair Atlanta Pictures (Part 2)

Okay, so my mother-in-law mentioned the Country Living Fair was taking place in Atlanta the SAME weekend we were scheduled to be there, so I totally made it happen. Since she couldn’t be with me, I made a point to talk LOTS of pictures for her, so she could get a feel for the kinds […]

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The Wheel of Fortune Fan

I’m not one of those mothers who think EVERYTHING is a teachable moment. But sometimes the “learning is fun” moments happen when you least expect them, and I am perfectly comfortable acknowledging that a lot of the learning that happens around here is somewhat accidental. For example, it turns out that you can learn a […]

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Singing Flash Mob

I had the privilege of experiencing a flash mob once – at a blogging conference, a group of people got up and danced as a tribute to the conference organizers. It was really really cool. Anyway, I saw this on Facebook and decided to share it. It kind of reminds me of the end of […]

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