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Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

My sister, Amy, and her son Ben (8) were holiday shopping at an outdoor shopping center the other day and it was freezing outside. They approached a store with a Salvation Army bell ringer out front.  My sister is in school full-time, so her family is watching every penny right now, but, still, as she […]

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Mother’s Day 2013

I was led downstairs by Charlie (5), who asked me to follow the piñata.  It’s for his upcoming birthday, and we already bought one at his insistence. He originally wanted a bull “Like in Barcelona,” he said. I hope he doesn’t realize people fight bulls to the death in Spain, but never the less, the […]

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The Teacher’s Gift

Today, I had planned to write (once again) about affordable teachers gifts, but Friday’s tragedy has changed how I feel about that. Who spends as much (or more) time with our kids as we do? Teachers. Every school day, we give our precious children to teachers who care for them and help them grow. Not […]

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A Great Holiday Treat Bag Idea

If you have ever been assigned to provide treat bags for your child’s class you know it can be a challenge to accomplish without breaking the bank or just filling them with candy and plastic junk from the dollar store. One way to avoid that is to give a packet hot chocolate along with a […]

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True Gifts

Yesterday was my birthday and it was full of gifts – true gifts. I love my friends and family, but I am an introvert and need a lot of alone time to function. So, I enjoyed a quiet day to myself. GIFT. I worked a little bit, but mostly took the day off. GIFT. My […]

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8 Amazing Halloween Cakes

This week Sisters of the Skillet held the second annual East Tennessee’s Biggest Bake Sale and it was AWESOME! There were lots of bakeries and other makers-of-yum present, and they all had samples! My daughter Molly and I loved looking at all the artful desserts. And Charlie-the-candy-bandit (5) was in hog heaven because we got […]

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Unique and Affordable Teacher Gift Ideas: Part One

The end of the school year is coming and it’s time to think about teacher gifts. I am running a series of different ideas over the next week that I hope will be helpful. First up: some great ideas from one of my favorite gift stores. Don’t you just LOVE to stumble across one of […]

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A Gift Idea for the Baker in Your Life

I got this kitchen aid mixer attachment with a spatula feature as a gift and I love it. I don’t even bake that often, but I think it’s cool. And it totally works, so file this one away for a potential mother’s day, birthday or holiday gift if the baker in your life has a […]

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Invisible Until the Christmas Tide

Invisible Until the Christmas Tide

There are a few articles floating around that have me thinking about people in need. If you haven’t yet seen them, read these two:  -  Boy Asking For Food -  Anonymous Donors Pay for Kmart Layaways   I’m in a warm house, with my healthy family, and we are surrounded by all our many belongings. […]

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Life Lessons From A Vegetable Stand

Cat McAfee and her family are up to something interesting at their home near Nashville, TN. They grow fruits and veggies in their backyard and give them away to friends and neighbors at a vegetable stand in their front yard. Cat told me they do this to show their kids what it takes to put food […]

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