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Plants that Thrive When Neglected

My friend Rebecca and I took a landscape design class a couple of years ago. That’s how we learned we like plants that thrive when neglected. That notion has come up again and again for me since we took that class. I have killed plants indoors and out, but, like lots of people, when spring […]

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Tip for Drying Wet Shoes

Got a great tip from my friend Jenni Bryant. She told me her grandmother taught her to dry wet sneakers or tennis shoes by putting them in front of the bottom of the refrigerator! I tried it and it works! Last week we went to the park with some friends and the kids got their shoes […]

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How To Keep Those Princess Shoes Organized

At present, my daughter owns more princess shoes than regular shoes. I needed a way to keep them organized, so I picked up this shoe rack at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $25 (with a 20% off coupon). Each level rotates around, so she can see all the glass-slipper options. It’s perfect for princess […]

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10 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean

Are you a neat freak who loves to clean, or a not-so-neat freak (like me) who could use a little motivation? Either way, do I have something for you. Check out these great tips from Christine of I Dream of Clean. You may not realize it, but your habits either encourage messiness in your home […]

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Branching Out

Tip: Use tree branches for decorating. Do you have a Bradford Pear tree? There are lots of them in Knoxville. Honestly, it’s not my favorite tree, because they break a lot. But there is one thing that I like about them….in the winter, you can cut branches off of a Bradford Pear tree and use […]

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How to Make Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Have you ever heard of rain gutter bookshelves for a nursery or playroom? Essentially, you cut pieces of gutter to the desired length, use gutter end caps and include some support brackets intermittently. You can find detailed instructions on Must Love Babies and Raising Olives. I have been planning to do this project for over […]

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LEDs in the House

In an effort to make our home more energy efficient, we swapped out the recessed lights in our kitchen with eco-friendly LED ones. Honestly, I would NEVER have tried this on my own. Why? Because these suckers are $39/each and that’s a lotta jack.  I also was skeptical about whether or not I would even […]

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A Home Energy Improvement for Only $15

We recently switched from incandescent to CFL bulbs for our outdoor floods lights.  I got soft white, because harsh white CFL bulbs make me twitch. (Especially the indoor ones, which I prefer to use in places like closets). Anyway, a two-pack of the incandescent outdoor floodlights that we normally buy costs $13.97. The CFL two-pack […]

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Old Things New Use – China Cabinet Door Becomes Wall Art

This is the door to my grandmother’s china cabinet. I intend to refinish the cabinet at some point, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. The door happened to be sitting against the wall which made me think it might be cool hanging on the wall… Worried the door and glass might fall, […]

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Motion-Sensor Light Switch in the Playroom

I found the coolest thing while working on our home energy project with The Home Depot – a light switch that turns off automatically. This is genius, People! We got one ($39) and the hubs installed it in the playroom. Why there? Because that is the one place the kids ALWAYS leave the light on. […]

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