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Freeze Dusting

Give each child a Swiffer Duster and turn on some music. When mom stops the music, the kids freeze. Then you move to another area and do it again. It’s fun for the kids and you get a little help around the house! I was hunting a picture and found some coupons. Here’s a link: […]

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Nine Ways to Combat Flu Season Germs

My daughter has gotten sick recently, so I am on major germ patrol. Here are the things I am doing to try to keep ahead of the germs: #1  Frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to change the hand towel often. If you have a child that is contagious, have them use paper towels […]

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Etsy is Eye Candy for the Creative Mind

I love Etsy. In  case you aren’t familiar with it, it’s basically eBay for home-made or vintage stuff. It is eye candy for the creative mind. I never tire of seeing the beautiful and whimsical things other people create. It often inspires me to new home decor ideas. For example, check out this gorgeous photo […]

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It’s a Miracle!

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, which this is not, I felt compelled to tell you what enzyme cleaner I used to clean up a mess made by my son.  I used Nature’s Miracle, which I actually just borrowed from a friend with two dogs. It worked like a charm on my beautiful sofa and […]

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Yet another random object makes it through the wash…

So, I open the washer door to what should be clean clothes to find lots of paper-like looking lint. Hmmm. As I pull out item after item covered with paper my curiosity intensifies. Naturally, I assume my darling husband has stupidly left something in his pocket creating this situation for me. And then I see […]

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