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Decorating Ideas for Little Girl’s Room

I got a blackout roller shade at The Home Depot and had it cut to size for the window in my daughter’s room. Her window has a window bench, so I thought it would be cute to put a chandelier on the shade. I used this wall decal from Blik.  It worked for a while […]

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winelabeltable3 copy

DIY Wine Label Table (That Rhymes. I May Have Been Drinking.)

Love Wine? This table might be the perfect tribute to good times had. My sister-in-law, Carla, is incredibly talented. She and her husband – among many other things – flip houses. They are masters of of finding great deals and doing cool things on a budget.  They happen to have a pool in their backyard, […]

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8 Practical Tips and Ideas for Putting Together A Nursery

If you are expecting and getting a plan together for a nursery, here are some ideas I loved and things that worked really well for us: 1. A dresser is a better buy than a changing table. The dresser will grow with your child, so you don’t have to ditch it later and spend more […]

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Fabric/Decor Ideas for Nursery or Kid’s Rooms

I…am a lover of fabric. My sewing skills are not awesome, but I can make basic home decor items like throw pillows and I made the crib bedding my kids used. But mostly, I just think about projects a lot and cruise fabric web sites. Recently, I found some really inexpensive fabric that would be […]

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Country Living Fair Atlanta Pictures (Part 2)

Okay, so my mother-in-law mentioned the Country Living Fair was taking place in Atlanta the SAME weekend we were scheduled to be there, so I totally made it happen. Since she couldn’t be with me, I made a point to talk LOTS of pictures for her, so she could get a feel for the kinds […]

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Pictures from the Country Living Fair Atlanta 2013 (Part 1)

Ever read Country Living Magazine? Well, if you have, you know that a couple of times a year, the magazine hosts a fair with vendors who sell incredible home decor items. My mother in law happened to mention that she was supposed to go to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta with her sisters, but […]

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Holiday Decorating: Christmas Stars and Mossy Wreaths

I love the glow of Christmas tree lights. And every year we hang our own Christmas star. This will be the twelfth year. It makes me happy. And I always do the same thing in our kitchen area – hang my mossy wreaths. Do you tend to do the same thing over and over, or […]

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A Creative Home Decor Solution

So, I got these sconces at HomeGoods for $19.99 each. Cute, right? I knew they would look great somewhere but wasn’t exactly sure where to put them. My husband wasn’t home, so poor Charlie (4) had to go all over the house with me and hold them up in different spots so I could evaluate […]

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Branching Out

Tip: Use tree branches for decorating. Do you have a Bradford Pear tree? There are lots of them in Knoxville. Honestly, it’s not my favorite tree, because they break a lot. But there is one thing that I like about them….in the winter, you can cut branches off of a Bradford Pear tree and use […]

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How to Make Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Have you ever heard of rain gutter bookshelves for a nursery or playroom? Essentially, you cut pieces of gutter to the desired length, use gutter end caps and include some support brackets intermittently. You can find detailed instructions on Must Love Babies and Raising Olives. I have been planning to do this project for over […]

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