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Mother’s Day Gifts Conversion Guide

Yesterday (Mother’s Day) started with my kids coming into my bedroom like this. They even called me Madam. As I ate breakfast, I was brought drawings and was reluctantly given a made-at-school Mother’s Day project from my son, Charlie. It pained him to give me the colored cupcake drawing with the list of “coupons” attached. […]

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Great Conversations With Kids: The Snackeez

Charlie (7): “Mom, I would like a snacky.”  Me: “Sure. How about some celery and peanut butter?”  Charlie: “No, I want a snackeez. Do you know what “a snackeez” is? It’s this thing with a lid and you can carry a drink AND a snack in it at the same time!!!”  Me: Realizing he’s been […]

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Dance Party Goodness (A PSA To Take More Video)

I wrote this a while ago and just found it. Had to share. My daughter, Molly, to my husband and me:  “We’re going to do a show for you…” We sit on the couch, and my son, Charlie, starts the music as both kids begin dancing to the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Molly brings […]

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Motherhood Moments: The Babies

My beloved niece, Lydia, does funny things with her baby dolls. This is providing my sister with some laughs. I am so glad she remembered to snap pictures. Here’s an old one and two new ones that I thought were funny. Bad Babies You put your right foot in… No, your right foot. Dummy. This […]

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Motherhood Moments: Chaos Contrition & Humor

So if you missed it, last week I posted this on Facebook Later that day, I received this: According to Molly, the drawing on the right is a re-enactment of my driving into our other car: Oh good, wouldn’t want to forget that. Apparently, the curse words I remember yelling when I hit our other […]

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Charlie and the Mayonnaise

So, the other day, I discovered that Charlie (6) had made and eaten a snack. That’s very independent of him, and I appreciated that he was taking care of himself. What was the snack? Cheese and mayonnaise. Uh, gross. So we talked about mayonnaise. Again. A week or so later, I found him making himself […]

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Sometimes, It’s the Little Things That Are So Funny

Note: As I write this, my daughter, Molly, is standing on my chair behind me doing my hair. The first “look” is two braided ponytails that curl up. A la – Wendy from Wendy’s. (I feel pretty.) Okay, here we go: School is out for inclement weather and I took the kids to the Y […]

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Choosing a Halloween Costume. Daily.

I would like to give a shout out to all the normal children who select Halloween costumes that can be easily acquired with a trip to Party City, Target or Goodwill. (Three cheers for Batman!) I know better than to ask too soon, but in a moment of utter stupidity, I got the ball rolling […]

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Pranking My Husband (Hey – he started it!)

Like a lot of things in life, it ALL started with good intentions. I was going to clean the bathroom. Did I? Yes. Yes, I did. Wait, that bears repeating: I cleaned the bathroom. When I was done, I left the vacuum in the hallway right outside the door. Why is that a problem? Well, […]

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When Your Baby Laughs…

Who can resist a sweet baby laughing? I mean, really. The only thing better is YOUR sweet baby laughing which is why this drawing by the beautiful and talented Heather Hopp-Bruce resonated with me.  My kids are growing up so fast. I still love their laughter but it’s hard to capture with a camera. Babies just […]

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