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Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

A week ago today, I was standing with purse on shoulder and keys in hand. I was waiting for my husband to get home from work (early) so I could make a break for it. Not only was I fleeing my homestead, but I was bound for two of my favorite fabric stores in Atlanta. […]

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Motherhood Moment #4

Poor Elmo.

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Busted! Well, Almost.

The kids were supposed to be in bed. My son, Charlie, came downstairs and nearly caught us eating his Easter candy.  “Hey, what do you got in you mouf?” he said. My husband slinked the bag of candy down between the chair and the couch as I handed him a blanket to cover it up […]

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Bless Me Father for I Have Pooted

When the weather changes, so do my taste buds. I start craving warm-weather foods. I may have mentioned my issues with moderation and food is no exception. I go through these phases where I eat a lot of a certain food until I don’t want it for a while. You get the picture. So, this […]

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Motherhood: A Job Description

Wanted. Woman who is unafraid of poop, vomit, and mucus. Must be selfless and willing to work long hours for no pay. Must also be willing to forgo sleep and eat cold food that is supposed to be hot. Duties include nose-wiping, butt-wiping, sandwich-making and poo removal. Must be able to wrestle a toddler into […]

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The Hangover: A Re-enactment

Last night, my husband and I were watching The Hangover downstairs in the living room. About half way through, I heard a thud on the stairs. I hopped up worried my sleepy toddler (who we recently moved from a crib to a bed) might stumble down the stairs. Instead I found this. (This is the re-enactment). The thud […]

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Mommy, Mommy, Charlie Just Did Something Really Bad!

Today, really bad meant take off your poopy diaper while standing on the couch.  My two-year-old took his diaper to the toilet, put the poop in the toilet (with his hand I assume) and flushed it. I cleaned him up in the bathroom. Noting the poop on his right foot,  I immediately started to retrace his steps. “Where […]

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