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What I Wish I’d Known Fatherhood Edition: 10 Things I Have Learned

10 Things I Have Learned about Fatherhood By Adam M. First things first. Yes, I love my sons (9 and 7 years old) an amount that I can’t express in words and they, along with my wife, are the greatest things that have ever happened to me. I wouldn’t change a thing. That said…there are […]

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One Funny Reason We Should Watch Less TV and Eat Less Broccoli

One Funny Reason We Should Watch Less TV and Eat Less Broccoli

It was an early sunshiny morning. Charlie (5) had awakened and slipped into the covers in the guessing room (the guestroom) to watch cartoons. That’s where I found him, looking all snuggly. Of course, my motherly instincts had me crawling in there with him to cuddle. We watched his show for a minute and then […]

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How Don Draper Ticked Me Off In Spin Class

How do I look? I asked Charlie (5) before heading out to meet some friends for dinner. “You look original, Mom.” he said with approval. Hmm, I thought. I guess that’s better than extra crispy. Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to say that to clients at a tanning salon? “Hi there. Original, or extra crispy?…Bed […]

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The Wheel of Fortune Fan

I’m not one of those mothers who think EVERYTHING is a teachable moment. But sometimes the “learning is fun” moments happen when you least expect them, and I am perfectly comfortable acknowledging that a lot of the learning that happens around here is somewhat accidental. For example, it turns out that you can learn a […]

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Motherhood Moments: Candy Salad & Other Adventures

Have you ever laughed at the aftermath of your kids’ pretend play? Motherhood Moments are pictures I take of funny things the kids do around the house. When I laugh, I stop and get my camera so I can record the mayhem, and maybe we can all have a chuckle. If YOU have any photos […]

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The Lava Boobs Sighting

A few days ago, the kids busted into the bathroom as I was stepping out of the shower and Charlie (5) got an eyeful. He said something funny (of course) but when I write it, it doesn’t translate. It’s a story that needs to be told in person. With wine. Girls’ Night, Anyone? And what […]

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Finding the Funny in Going To The Allergy Doctor

So, I have been having sinus issues.  I saw an ENT, who said allergies are the culprit. What happens when you go to the allergy doctor for an allergy test? First, you fill out some paperwork at home. For whatever reason, my husband decided to fill out the forms and ask me the questions. I […]

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Does this Chicken Smell Like Burned Plastic?

Picked Molly (8) up from her after school program and we headed home. It was cold and raining – the kind of weather that makes you want to sleep. And eat. To get dinner going, I put some raw chicken in water and turned it on to boil. The kids and I went upstairs to […]

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Motherhood Moments: Valentines Day Edition

Motherhood moments are a series of photos I take around the house of the funny things my kids do. Maybe you will relate, or, at least, be entertained for a moment. Here’s the Valentine’s Edition. My Funny Valentine Molly made a box for her Valentine’s to take to school. Charlie was all, “I want one!” […]

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A Not-So-Schmoopy Valentine’s Day

Had a regular (a-hem) girlie doctor check up today. My favorite question on the forms I filled out was “Do you use recreational or street drugs?” No. But great question, thanks for asking. They originally wanted to schedule the appointment tomorrow – ON VALENTINE’S DAY! Um, no thank you. For Valentine’s Day, I am hanging […]

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