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Motherhood Moments That Made Me Laugh

Here are some recent funnies from our house. (Yes, that would be the Melissa and Doug cookie tray). Charlie (4) found some cupcake toothpick decorations and went to town… and he also went to the neighboring village where he calls me Heather instead of Mom. Although, on second glance, this looks like Molly’s handwriting…he was […]

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Going Back to Work After You’ve Been Home With Baby?

“Are you worried about getting hired after being a stay-at-home-parent? Don’t be,” according to Heather Hopp-Bruce. You’ve got mad skills according to your resume… Heather Hopp-Bruce is the creator of TheBaby Sucks (and other breastfeeding tips) and a contributor to She lives with her husband and three young daughters in Boston, Massachusetts. You should […]

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The Barbie House Rules

Welcome to The Barbie® House! And…what is that? It’s a series of pictures of pretend play captioned with humor by super funny mom Shannon Doyle. Louisa explained they were riding the highway. I presume the I-5? That’s great and all,but I’m a bit concerned about the girl pushing herbaby sister in the stroller. Those crazy CA drivers… […]

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Funny Kid Quotes: From Vomit Sauce to Thousand Island Music

Here are the latest greatest funnies from your house and mine. Hope you laugh as much as I did putting it together. Happy Wednesday, Friends! “Mama, I yawned and sauce came out!” (vomit) – Sydney(3) Maryville, TN My husband has my babies all by himself this week. When I was leaving town today, I asked […]

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Cleaning Barf Out of a Car Seat

Well, we’ve shared tips for cleaning strollers and car seats, but contributor Heather Hopp-Bruce kicks it up a notch. Check out this brilliant drawing on how to clean barf our of your kid’s car seat.

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The Barbie House: Like Sands Through The Hour Glass…

Welcome to The Barbie® House! And…what is that? It’s a series of pictures of pretend play captioned with humor by super funny mom Shannon Doyle. When the triplets’ bilirubin is a bit high, stick ‘em out on the balcony. Seems safe enough to me… Playdates at The Barbie® House are popular. Perhaps because they include healthy […]

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Motherhood Moments: Forts and Pillows

We are in a major forts and pillows phase over here. Raise your hand if you like forts! This is kind of a minor one. They make really big ones, too. And then they beg and plead to leave them up for a while. My kiddos are also really into pillows. This is the cubby […]

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Tooth Fairy Tales: The Skittle Bribery

Angi, who reads shared a note to the tooth fairy written by her eight-year-old daughter. It’s awesome. Check it out… Tooth Fairy, what do you do with the teeth? Why does my dog never bark when you get my tooth? P.S. I’m broke, can you leave 30 or 40 dollars under my pillow?…or 5 […]

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Motherhood Moments (I’ve Lost Count)

I was numbering these motherhood moments, but I have totally lost count. Here’s the latest from our house… This is why we don’t have a dog. And here’s why we don’t have a cat. Apparently, the Elefun game seemed like a good place to hide candy wrappers… Some rockers smash guitars, our little punks smash […]

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Introducing…Heather Hopp-Bruce!

I’m stoked to tell you guys that Heather Hopp-Bruce of The Baby Sucks is our newest contributor. This CRAZY talented mother of three shares her humorous take on motherhood and beyond through a series of drawings that will make you laugh out loud.  I did a Q&A with her about a year ago that includes […]

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