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The Teacher’s Gift

Today, I had planned to write (once again) about affordable teachers gifts, but Friday’s tragedy has changed how I feel about that. Who spends as much (or more) time with our kids as we do? Teachers. Every school day, we give our precious children to teachers who care for them and help them grow. Not […]

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What Would Be Lost if YOUR Computer Crashed?

I know you are busy, there’s always something going on. But if you care about your photos and documents, you need to stop and pursue multiple back ups ASAP! My hard drive on my 2.5 year old Mac OS crashed and corrupted my files. So my back up drive houses a mirror image of my […]

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The Megan Mullins Effect

Everyone has a great idea now and then, but not everyone does something about it. The mother of one of my son’s classmates is the exception… Megan Mullins had just had her second child and was surfing Craigslist for baby gear when she came across a desperate plea for diapers. She clicked on the ad […]

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Waiting for Superman

I finally got a chance to see Waiting for Superman. What a film! I had read about it, and seen it highlighted on Oprah, but wow. I mean, WOW! I had my eyes opened. The movie follows a handful of children and parents who want a good education and can’t get it unless they live […]

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