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In The Messy Blog

So…a while back, I ran a series of pictures called The Barbie House from a super funny mom named Shannon Doyle. Well, I am happy to tell you that she now has her own blog! It’s called In the Messy and she tells it like it is – with humor.  I have never met her […]

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Does this Chicken Smell Like Burned Plastic?

Picked Molly (8) up from her after school program and we headed home. It was cold and raining – the kind of weather that makes you want to sleep. And eat. To get dinner going, I put some raw chicken in water and turned it on to boil. The kids and I went upstairs to […]

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Potty Training Dos and Don’ts

The following is a guest post from my dear friend, Angie, who has just gone through the process of potty training and had some advice to share. Over the last two weeks, we have been potty training our 2.5-year-old boy.  We’ve had quite a bit of success, so I thought I might share some of […]

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Smited for Trying to Decorate for Christmas Too Early

Sometimes, the quest for happy homemaking leads to angst and possible electrocution. If you are me. Once upon a time (or, a few days before Thanksgiving) my kids were oohing and ahhing as the lady across the street put up scads of colorful outdoor Christmas lights. Inspired, I decided I would hustle on up to […]

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The Icky Mouse Club

Well, we knew we had a mouse. Last week, he brazenly charged at my husband who was watching TV in the corner chair making him scream (in a very manly way) and ruining his focus for the remainder of the Presidential debate. “Icky” (as we called him) had mouse balls of steel. Or he was […]

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Let’s revisit some funny stories over the next few days shall we? We have a lot of new people in TheMommyhood (welcome!) so this is a great time to catch up on a few classics if you are new and relive an old chuckle or two if you are not. Let’s start with…poo. Surely Hard […]

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The Wiz

“The grass is always greener over the septic tank.” ~ Erma Bombeck Well if the grass is greener at my neighbor’s house…it’s because my must-have-been-raised-in-a-barn son went in their yard. And it didn’t stop there… My kids love to play with the neighbor kids who live in the house behind ours. The family has three […]

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How to Boost Your Son in a Public Restroom

Pee Week continues at with a tip for boosting your son in a public restroom. If you have a little boy who stands up to pee, but isn’t quite tall enough to pee in a public restroom without his little wiener touching the toilet seat (GAG!), here’s how to give him a boost! Stand […]

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Motherhood Moment #17: Waiting for the Great Pumpkin (Cake)

Why does this pumpkin cake look this way? Because we made the mistake of putting the cake too low in the refrigerator. Charlie (3) got into it when my husband was in the restroom. (It’s like he was just waiting for his moment–his Great Pumpkin–just like Charlie Brown). When my spouse discoverd what he was […]

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The Alarm Went Off at 3 AM This Morning

My husband and I awoke to the screeching of our alarm at 2:51 am this morning. I knew instinctively nothing was wrong, but we had no idea why the piercing alarm was going off. In our stupor we did our best to problem-solve with the deafening noise clouding our ability to think. I called the […]

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