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Mom of the Year? Uh, Right Here.

After I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 yesterday, we had lunch and I got them settled. I spent about 20 minutes checking e-mail. During that time, my son (3) pooped in his pants. Gross. Took him to the bathroom to deal with his business. I put his man-sized turd in the toilet […]

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Give Your Juice Box Wings

If your munchkin is famous for squeezing instead of holding a juice box,  lift up the side tabs to make wings! They also make a plastic juice box holder with plastic handles on the side, but I think this is easier.  

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10 Things Learned from My Purple Foot

So, I have been looking for the humor in the busted ankle of this past week. (If you need the back story, read You Know You are Having a Bad Week When You Borrow Your Dad’s Walker). Here are some things I learned about being injured and on crutches: It  rains a lot when you are […]

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Please Be a Raisin

If you are behind on my toddler poop stories, please refer to the following post: Surely Hard Liquor and Wine were Invented by Moms. Today, I was standing in the living room when my mom antenna shot straight up. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a little brown something on the rug. I […]

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A Letter of Apology to My Vacuum

WARNING! This post is not for weaklings…then again, neither is motherhood! There are certain household items that not only deserve my respect, but my apology. One of those is my vacuum. (Another is the toilet, but I don’t really want to write that letter, nor do you want to read it).  Okay, back to the apology […]

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Ebay Scam: Local Pick-Up and PayPal

Thought I would share something that happened to me last year as a warning to others. About a year ago, I sold a piece of furniture on eBay for a couple hundred dollars. I accepted PayPal did local pick-up. It sold it, and it was picked up. Three months later we got a notice from PayPal that the charge had […]

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It’s Not Me, It’s Poo.

So, I was talking to a mom friend about the cup o poo incident.  She looked at me funny when I said I thought he was sending me a message. In retrospect, my guilt for plopping him down in front of the TV so I could get something done, was actually a totally separate issue. […]

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Surely Hard Liquor and Wine Were Invented by Moms

My basis for this assumption came to me today in a cup of poo. Oh, how I wish I were kidding, but you just can’ t make this stuff up. It was actually a form of punishment and one of the many ways I am being tested through motherhood. Well, I got an “F” today. […]

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And the Turds Rained Down

Just when you think you are being a good mom…WHAM! The turds rain down. You might be familiar with my son’s previous poo escapades. (The Many Adventures of Charlie the Poo and I Think I May Have Channelled Poo). As of this weekend, I was rejoicing that my son (2.5) has turned the corner when […]

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It’s a Miracle!

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, which this is not, I felt compelled to tell you what enzyme cleaner I used to clean up a mess made by my son.  I used Nature’s Miracle, which I actually just borrowed from a friend with two dogs. It worked like a charm on my beautiful sofa and […]

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