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Motherhood Moments: The Babies

My beloved niece, Lydia, does funny things with her baby dolls. This is providing my sister with some laughs. I am so glad she remembered to snap pictures. Here’s an old one and two new ones that I thought were funny. Bad Babies You put your right foot in… No, your right foot. Dummy. This […]

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Motherhood Moments: Chaos Contrition & Humor

So if you missed it, last week I posted this on Facebook Later that day, I received this: According to Molly, the drawing on the right is a re-enactment of my driving into our other car: Oh good, wouldn’t want to forget that. Apparently, the curse words I remember yelling when I hit our other […]

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The Wheel of Fortune Fan

I’m not one of those mothers who think EVERYTHING is a teachable moment. But sometimes the “learning is fun” moments happen when you least expect them, and I am perfectly comfortable acknowledging that a lot of the learning that happens around here is somewhat accidental. For example, it turns out that you can learn a […]

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Motherhood Moments: Candy Salad & Other Adventures

Have you ever laughed at the aftermath of your kids’ pretend play? Motherhood Moments are pictures I take of funny things the kids do around the house. When I laugh, I stop and get my camera so I can record the mayhem, and maybe we can all have a chuckle. If YOU have any photos […]

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Motherhood Moments: Valentines Day Edition

Motherhood moments are a series of photos I take around the house of the funny things my kids do. Maybe you will relate, or, at least, be entertained for a moment. Here’s the Valentine’s Edition. My Funny Valentine Molly made a box for her Valentine’s to take to school. Charlie was all, “I want one!” […]

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Charlie Discovers Nutella

I bought some Nutella on a whim recently because I had never had it and was curious. Had it on toast and thought it was pretty tasty – well, the part I got to eat. Charlie asked for it and ate the rest. The next day I found something in the pantry that made me […]

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Whiteboard Notes From the Kids

The first two images are on my whiteboard right now. (The kids have their own dry erase board, but still like to write on mine.) The last image here is older, but funny and in keeping with the theme here so threw it in there… “HeY Gril”   Heather stands for… My favorite here is […]

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Motherhood Moments: Knife Throwing and Other Funny Things That Have Happened Lately

Motherhood Moments are a series of funny things that happen around the house. When I laugh, I get my camera. It’s been a great way to document the crazy that happens around here. For example, I was loading the dishwasher and this table knife slipped out of my hand and fell like this on the […]

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Motherhood Moments: Funny Stuff That Happened at Our House

Motherhood moments are a series of photos I take around the house of the funny things my kids do. Maybe you will relate, or, at least, be entertained for a moment. Hope you all had a nice holiday. Can’t believe it’s almost New Year’s. Anyway, here are some recent funnies. Sweet Candy from Charlie…to Dad. […]

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Motherhood Moments: Booby Traps, “Parte” Planning, and Building the Pyramids

Ahh, motherhood moments. They evolve as your child grows – or at least that’s what I am learning. Our house is always filled with interesting things the kids come up with. This blog has been helpful in that it makes me stop and go get the camera. Otherwise, I would probably just laugh and go […]

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