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8 Amazing Halloween Cakes

This week Sisters of the Skillet held the second annual East Tennessee’s Biggest Bake Sale and it was AWESOME! There were lots of bakeries and other makers-of-yum present, and they all had samples! My daughter Molly and I loved looking at all the artful desserts. And Charlie-the-candy-bandit (5) was in hog heaven because we got […]

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Cookbook Giveaway From Sisters of the Skillet

The ladies who created Sister’s of the Skillet have collected and published a series of favorite recipes to sell in order to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. My sister, Amy, bought it and recently made one of the recipes and raved about it. This cookbook is full of simple eats that are easy enough for even me […]

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Paying It Forward With Shampoo? Yes.

On the hunt for simple ways to pay it forward? Here’s one thing you can do that costs nothing but makes a difference in someone’s life. Take hotel, travel-size shampoo/conditioner and soaps to the homeless shelter. When we stay at a hotel, we bring our own soap and I collect the hotel shampoo and soaps […]

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Lots of Love at the Special Olympics

Had a ball as a volunteer photographer at the Special Olympics the other day. I’m connected with this event through a childhood pal and her folks. My friends, the Pinckards, have a dear friend whose daughter competes at the Games. Here I am with my childhood friend, Allie, whose parents thought I would grow up […]

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The Megan Mullins Effect

Everyone has a great idea now and then, but not everyone does something about it. The mother of one of my son’s classmates is the exception… Megan Mullins had just had her second child and was surfing Craigslist for baby gear when she came across a desperate plea for diapers. She clicked on the ad […]

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The Universe Sent Me Panties

Um, ‘scuse me, Heather? Yes, I am quite serious. I read The Secret about two years ago and am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking – you get out of this world what you put into it. I have seen it many times in action. You can even channel underwear, as I will […]

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Time and Christmastime

Like last year, the whopping deadline known as Christmas morning once again had us up late – this year, until 1:30 a.m.! Fortunately, Christmas Day (post greed-fest) was really low key, so naps were on the docket. But even with naps, my kiddos have been out of sorts for the last few days and I […]

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Get the Cart.

A long time ago I was at the grocery store with two small children. (I’m sure you know how much fun that can be). Well, someone did the simplist thing for me once and I never forgot it. In fact, I pay it forward.  What was the deed? Someone took my cart. Since then, if […]

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An Epiphany in the Dentist Chair

An Epiphany in the Dentist Chair

Had an epiphany in the dentist chair today. No, it’s not that I need to quit eating doughnuts (that’s the epiphany I have at the gym). The dental hygienist handed me a bag with the toothbrush, toothpaste and floss in it and asked me to wait for the dentist. I looked at it and thought […]

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