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Junk in Your Trunk? Win an Emergency Roadside Kit from State Farm

Junk in Your Trunk? Win an Emergency Roadside Kit from State Farm

Have you ever had a car emergency in the winter? According to State Farm® many people driving around with young kids are carrying around a lot of junk in their trunk instead of what they really need – an emergency roadside kit. So here’s what we need to have with us in our cars and […]

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Pinterest Scam: Why Would Anyone Want to Hack My Pinterest Account?

Did you know people are hacking into Pinterest accounts? Had dinner with some family friends last night and my friend mentioned that someone from Argentina had hacked into her Pinterest account. I was perplexed, and so was she. Why would someone do that? What’s the benefit? So I started digging around and learned that people […]

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Win a Roadside Emergency Kit For Your Car From State Farm

Ever been stuck on the road? (Thank goodness for cell phones!) What if you were stuck for a while…would you have what you need in the car with you if the weather was bad? Uh, that would be a big fat NO for me, with the exception of a spare tire. And food. I could probably […]

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Can Someone Spy on You (or your Kids!)Through Your Webcam? Uh, Yes.

Can Someone Spy on You (or your Kids!)Through Your Webcam? Uh, Yes.

I had heard something about webcams and a hacking a while back, but hadn’t really paid much attention to it until I saw a show on child predators that kind of freaked me out. Here’s the skinny… People Can Easily Hack into Your WebCam A hacker can send you an electronic greeting card or some other […]

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The Joy of Swim Lessons

A friend of mine was talking to me about a child who drowned and how she was going to put her daughter in swim lessons. My son, Charlie is four and doesn’t know how to swim. He’s perfectly happy to play in a shallow pool of water and has no interest in learning. Up to […]

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Cyber Security Tips

Cyber Security Tips

  Here are some basic cyber security tips from the fabulous folks at Digitwirl. I have to check with tech support (the hubs) about whether or not our wi-fi network is closed. I think we have it covered, but it’s not a bad idea to make sure. Have you guys had any online security problems? […]

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Is Your Smart Phone Announcing Your Location to the World?

If you take a picture and upload it to Twitter and you haven’t disabled the geotagging function on your smart phone, someone can look at the data attached to photos you take and share online and isolate the location of the picture within 15 feet. This is unsettling. This CNET video walks you through how […]

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Should You and Your Kids Have a Secret Code?

Anybody use a car-rider pick up line to get your kids? I heard a chilling story the other day from some parents at my son’s preschool. Someone made a fake car sign and tried to pick up a child from a local school car-rider line with it. The child didn’t recognize the driver and alerted […]

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How to Change Your Home Location on Garmin – And Why You Should

If you have a Garmin (or navigation system in your vehicle) programmed with your home location and someone steals a combination of your keys, car, garage door opener and Garmin…well they can just head on over to your place!  I am ALWAYS lost, but when I do know where I am, I mostly use my […]

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