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Money-Saving Tips from Frugalissa Finds

Are you frugal? I…well, I could stand to be more frugal. I should pay more attention to people like Melissa Cox from Frugalissa Finds. The following is a brief Q&A with the author of this fantastic blog dedicated to finding and sharing money-saving information. What do you think is the number one way moms waste […]

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A Unique and Affordable Birthday Party Idea for Kids Who Love Animals

We were recently invited to a birthday party for my daughter’s classmate. The party was really creative and I was seriously impressed with how the mom put it together. AND it’s an affordable birthday party that doesn’t involve your home… Tour an Animal Hospital We attended a “field trip”  style birthday party at the animal […]

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LEDs in the House

In an effort to make our home more energy efficient, we swapped out the recessed lights in our kitchen with eco-friendly LED ones. Honestly, I would NEVER have tried this on my own. Why? Because these suckers are $39/each and that’s a lotta jack.  I also was skeptical about whether or not I would even […]

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A Home Energy Improvement for Only $15

We recently switched from incandescent to CFL bulbs for our outdoor floods lights.  I got soft white, because harsh white CFL bulbs make me twitch. (Especially the indoor ones, which I prefer to use in places like closets). Anyway, a two-pack of the incandescent outdoor floodlights that we normally buy costs $13.97. The CFL two-pack […]

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Motion-Sensor Light Switch in the Playroom

I found the coolest thing while working on our home energy project with The Home Depot – a light switch that turns off automatically. This is genius, People! We got one ($39) and the hubs installed it in the playroom. Why there? Because that is the one place the kids ALWAYS leave the light on. […]

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Saving Money On American Girl Doll Accessories

Got a great tip from a mom I was talking to at Girl Scouts the other day. She said instead of buying clothes and accessories directly from the American Girl Doll company, to buy doll clothes and accessories from Target’s line of 18″ dolls Apparently, a friend of hers had a daughter who wanted an […]

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Win a $50 Home Depot Gift Card

You know how some sales advertisements say “the more you spend the more you save?” Well, when it comes to home energy improvements, your investment doesn’t just pay for itself once – it pays for itself year after year. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to see a return on your investment. Here […]

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Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient: Tips from The Home Depot

Want to make your home more efficient, but don’t want to pay for an in-home energy audit? No problem! The Home Depot has a home energy audit online (for FREE!). Just click on your state to get started. I’ve been getting quite the education from the folks at The Home Depot lately. Here are some […]

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How to Organize Your Online Bill-Paying

I hate being responsible for bills, but after abdicating the role of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for many years, it’s kinda my turn now. I don’t like it and I am not great at it. That’s why the latest from Digitwirl looks promising. It would take an absolute miracle for me to actually sit down and […]

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How to Save Money on Energy Bills

Who wants to save money? Me-e! Me-e! Well, one way to go about that is to avoid Target have a home energy audit and make your home more efficient. I must admit, I had to borrow $5 for this image from my four-year-old’s wallet. He got it from his grandparents in a Halloween card. And now […]

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