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Cool App Suggestions from Julia (Goolia)

My niece Julia and I were recently talking about apps. Charlie (5) is all about learning some Spanish and she found an app she likes for languages. So, I asked her for her other favorite apps. I am just starting to try them now, so I don’t have any personal thoughts on these, but here […]

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Learned Something That Makes Dishwashers Work Better

I love engineers (enginerds, I call them). They are smart people, who make things happen. And they were some of my favorite people to be around when I worked at UPS. When you hang out with engineers, you learn things. I have recently came to appreciate all the engineering that went into my new GE […]

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Cleaning Your Phone and Other Tech Gadgets

Do you clean your cell phone? What about your keyboard or your TV remote control? I’ve been sick recently so germs are on my mind. So, this latest video from Digitwirl couldn’t have come at a better time. For me it’s the phone. I always have it with me. And I wash my hands all […]

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An Easy Way to Light up Your Tree

It’s awesome if you can plug your lights into an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch. If that’s not an option in the room where you have your Christmas tree, I recommend this Christmas Ornament Switch. We’ve had one for a couple of years and it’s great. You plug your lights into the […]

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How to Resolve Unwanted Charges on Your iTunes Account

How to Resolve Unwanted Charges on Your iTunes Account

So, let’s say your four-year-old who was playing on your iPad spent $94 on penguins…and you need to get that resolved. There are two things you can do: #1 – File a request via “Express Lane” which can be found on the general iTunes support page or via iTunes on desktop. #2 - Or, you can […]

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How to Keep Your Kids From Making Accidental Purchases on Your iPad

My four-year-old racked up $94 dollars in in-app purchases on iTunes mostly playing free educational games. Oy! [pinit] Tips for Avoiding Costly Purchases on your iTunes Account Turn off the in-app purchases function in the settings of your iPad. Don’t share your password with your kids. Adding a password alone won’t solve the problem. The […]

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How to Turn off the In-App Purchases on Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

I learned the hard way that it’s VERY easy for kids to make unauthorized purchases while playing games on the iPad after my four-year-old racked up $94 in iTunes charges. So I thought I would pass along the instructions for some kid-related settings on your iPad (that also happen to work for the iPhone and […]

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How to Clean Your Electronic Gadgets

Here are some great tips from Digitwirl on how (and how often) to clean your electronic gadgets.

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How To Connect Your TV to Your Computer

If you have (or want to have) music, TV shows, movies and other content on your computer and view or play it through your TV, you can use one of the devices mentioned in this video. Also, according to my super-smart brother-in-law you have options with a PS3, Wii or Blue Ray DVD player. He […]

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