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Mother’s Day Gifts Conversion Guide

Yesterday (Mother’s Day) started with my kids coming into my bedroom like this. They even called me Madam. As I ate breakfast, I was brought drawings and was reluctantly given a made-at-school Mother’s Day project from my son, Charlie. It pained him to give me the colored cupcake drawing with the list of “coupons” attached. […]

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When Your Baby Laughs…

Who can resist a sweet baby laughing? I mean, really. The only thing better is YOUR sweet baby laughing which is why this drawing by the beautiful and talented Heather Hopp-Bruce resonated with me.  My kids are growing up so fast. I still love their laughter but it’s hard to capture with a camera. Babies just […]

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The Lava Boobs Sighting

A few days ago, the kids busted into the bathroom as I was stepping out of the shower and Charlie (5) got an eyeful. He said something funny (of course) but when I write it, it doesn’t translate. It’s a story that needs to be told in person. With wine. Girls’ Night, Anyone? And what […]

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Why, Why Do They Miss the Easy-to-Clean Floor and Go on the Rug Right Next To It?

Since we are on the topic of potty training, I thought this drawing from Heather Hopp-Bruce would be good to share this week. (She’s so funny and her illustrations are so right on, in my opinion!) Don’t you just want to sit down for a minute and not serve anyone or clean anything. Before this, […]

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On the 12th Day of Christmas My Baby Gave to me…

  Remember this classic? Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg…bat-mobile lost a while and the joker got away! Okay, enough of that. Here’s a little holiday jingle in a drawing from my dear friend, Heather. Merry Merry, Friends!

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The Baby Sucks: The Nurser

In my book, the chapter on nursing is called “Shards of Glass” because when you first start nursing…well, it hurts like hell! (I worked through it, though.) Anyway, this drawing by  my dear friend Heather Hopp-Bruce is funny and relatable. My kids did some – if not all – of these things with a bottle, too.

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The Baby Sucks: An Introduction to Breastfeeding

My friend, Heather Hopp-Bruce from The Baby Sucks (and other breastfeeding tips), created this awesome drawing about life with a breastfed two-week-old. Note the baby on the wall. And the hairy legs.  

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Mom Is Taking The Day Off!

When I was little, all I wanted to be was a grown up. Grown ups have decision-making powers and the ability to buy things. I remember calling my mom from the grocery store one time and just laughing and saying, “Ha! I can finally just buy whatever I want.” Fast forward. Over time, grocery shopping […]

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No Rest for the Weary

Sometimes (okay a lot of times) motherhood means no rest for the weary. It seems like every time I sit down, someone has a request that means I have to get up. If we are eating, as soon as I start to lift a fork with food on it, someone’s glass of milk suddenly needs […]

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The Baby Sucks: Ode to Blankie

Does your little one have a blankie or did you when you were little? My younger sister had one, and she was REALLY attached to it. She was super cute and sucking up all the attention all the time and it was annoying. So one time…I hid it under a bush in the yard. I’m […]

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