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In a Fog? Sometimes Motherhood Means No Sleep

No one tells you how frequently you will be sleep deprived when you become a mom. It does eventually get better (knocking on wood RIGHT now!). Anyway, when I saw this drawing by contributor Heather Hopp-Bruce it resonated with me. When it rains, it pours, doesn’t it? Have you been sleep deprived lately? Heather Hopp-Bruce […]

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The Baby Sucks: Danger!

Are you a worrier? I am, which is why I think I relate so much to this drawing. Life sure was easier when WE were kids and our parents did the worrying. Being carefree is the kind of thing you can’t appreciate until you aren’t anymore. I guess there is some comfort in the knowledge […]

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Going Back to Work After You’ve Been Home With Baby?

“Are you worried about getting hired after being a stay-at-home-parent? Don’t be,” according to Heather Hopp-Bruce. You’ve got mad skills according to your resume… Heather Hopp-Bruce is the creator of TheBaby Sucks (and other breastfeeding tips) and a contributor to She lives with her husband and three young daughters in Boston, Massachusetts. You should […]

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Cleaning Barf Out of a Car Seat

Well, we’ve shared tips for cleaning strollers and car seats, but contributor Heather Hopp-Bruce kicks it up a notch. Check out this brilliant drawing on how to clean barf our of your kid’s car seat.

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Introducing…Heather Hopp-Bruce!

I’m stoked to tell you guys that Heather Hopp-Bruce of The Baby Sucks is our newest contributor. This CRAZY talented mother of three shares her humorous take on motherhood and beyond through a series of drawings that will make you laugh out loud.  I did a Q&A with her about a year ago that includes […]

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My New Favorite Blog (Other Than Mine) is my new favorite blog. You know, other than Oh, Friends, this lady had me laughing out loud with her fabulous sense of humor and mad drawing skills – and not just laughing, snort-laughing. I think she is the Gary Larsen of Motherhood, and one day we will all be drinking our coffee […]

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