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This Kid Cracks Me Up!

This Kid Cracks Me Up!

One of my favorite kids in the whole world is 6-year-old Riley from @RileySays. Her mom, Rebecca, and I are friends, and I must credit her for the list of funnies I keep and collect that make us chuckle. So, it is NO surprise that pearls of grade 1 wisdom come from the mouth of […]

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Kindergarten Wisdom

Our friend Riley is a hoot! Not only is she a fantastic person, but she is unusually wise for her age and says things that are both intriguing and hilarious. Lucky for us her mom created @rileysays on Twitter to share her kindergarten wisdom with others. I just read through her quotes again and thought […]

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Some Recent Funny Quotes From Your House and Mine

I love the things kids say. And we moms come up with a few zingers now and then, too. Here are some recent funnies for your entertainment. Kid Quotes  “Mommy, I changed my mind on a gift that I want. Can you please text Santa?” Alston (4) Atlanta, GA (Whispered) “Get on my shoulders…and don’t […]

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Quotable: Where You Live and OxyClean

The following are two separate conversations I had with my very literal little kids today. With my three-year-old: Me: “Charlie, do you know our address?” Charlie: “Huh?” Me: I clarified, “Where do you live?” Charlie: “Uhhh, in a house” I’m pretty sure there was an implied dumbass at the end of his statement. With my […]

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“I Love You Like 100 Donuts”

I was giving the kids baths tonight. Both were out and I was drying my daughter’s hair and Charlie slipped away. It’s never good when things are quiet. And my mom ears can hear problematic silence even over the roar of a hair dryer. So, we turned it off and went looking for him. We […]

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