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5 Lessons Learned Leaving the Workplace

Departures A friend of mine called to tell me she had decided to leave her high-level career to spend more time with her kids and pursue her passion as a fitness instructor. She asked me for some insight into the transition out of the workplace. How/Why I Left My Job I like working. I loved […]

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Old Friends, New Friends & Surface Friends

It’s really hard to make good friends when you are a mom, would you agree? Unless your kids have things they do that bring you together on a regular basis, everyone’s schedules make it really hard to see your friends. Winter weather doesn’t help. The people I talk to the most are the friends I […]

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Are You An Introvert or an Extrovert? What about your kids?

Quiet. Who doesn’t love peace and quiet? I know that may seem like a given – especially if you are a mom. But I recently learned about a book by Susan Cain called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Here is the author talking about the book. Myers Briggs […]

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New Years

Resolutions: Planning to Fail

This year I’m thinking of my resolutions differently. I think in the past my resolutions have been (unintentionally) rooted in striving for perfection. And perfection is not possible, so pretty much making resolutions for me means planning to fail. So, this year, I am keeping it realistic. I resolve: To be happy. Not sweat the […]

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The Teacher’s Gift

Today, I had planned to write (once again) about affordable teachers gifts, but Friday’s tragedy has changed how I feel about that. Who spends as much (or more) time with our kids as we do? Teachers. Every school day, we give our precious children to teachers who care for them and help them grow. Not […]

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Photo 151

Sometimes, it’s just better to lie.

I had never seen Anderson Cooper’s talk show before (uh, not my favorite, by the way). Anyway, it was a show on how easy it is for pedophiles to get access to little kids. Sometimes, I operate from a place of fear and paranoia when it comes to my kids’ safety. And this show had […]

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Five Things To Do in 2012

This is me talking to myself – I’m not telling anyone what to do. But as the sun sets on 2011, I thought I would share my thoughts in case any of this resonates with you. #1 Make Better Decisions Time is precious, so I need to make better decisions about how to spend my […]

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Invisible Until the Christmas Tide

Invisible Until the Christmas Tide

There are a few articles floating around that have me thinking about people in need. If you haven’t yet seen them, read these two:  -  Boy Asking For Food -  Anonymous Donors Pay for Kmart Layaways   I’m in a warm house, with my healthy family, and we are surrounded by all our many belongings. […]

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“Hey, Mom! Double-Bounce Me!”

Alright, I caved. Getting into the trampoline, I started to chase my kids around in circles making them scream and run. “Double-bounce me and make me fall down,” my seven year old said. “Pleeeease!” she begged. Cool mom that I wanna be, I double bounced her and made her fall. Only she landed funny and […]

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The Difference Between Me and Jackie O

I was reading an article on Jackie O in People Magazine this week and something in the article really caught my attention. Someone described her as a “careful eater.” I read that and then looked at all the pictures of her, so slim and regal-looking. I think it was one of her kids who said […]

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