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Motherhood: A Job Description

Wanted. Woman who is unafraid of poop, vomit, and mucus. Must be selfless and willing to work long hours for no pay. Must also be willing to forgo sleep and eat cold food that is supposed to be hot. Duties include nose-wiping, butt-wiping, sandwich-making and poo removal. Must be able to wrestle a toddler into […]

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Fly Me to Vegas By Way of the Nutty Farm

I hate to fly. I have to be really motivated to get on a plane. Naturally, a girls weekend in Vegas is a powerful motivator. And I am unemployed, so I had to fly the cheapest way possible. That meant connections.  Two flights each way instead of one (ei-yi-yi). Here is my scared-of-flying ritual: – Arrive […]

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Mompants Go to Vegas

It’s time for Mommyhood jailbreak — a girls trip to Vegas! Time to pack. Crap, where are all my stylish clothes? Oh, that’s right — I don’t have any! Well, I have plenty of clothes, but unfortunately most of my mompants fall into the category of Chuck E. Cheese-wear. In my head, I still dress the way […]

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Which Way to the Mompants?

I used to be put together. Now, I can often be found in a ponytail and what can only be called mompants. My mom uniform  is black drawstring pants from Target and a long-sleeved t-shirt. I didn’t even know I had a uniform, until I realized my last pair of black drawstring pants needed to be thrown out on account of smelliness. […]

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Invisible Work: Cleaning Is a Thankless Task

Do you ever fee like the work you do at home and with your kids is invisible? I do. It’s something I really struggle with. Work is supposed to have achievements, right? Well, what if you can’t see them?  I know my kids are happy and thriving. I need to remember to stop and appreciate the […]

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The Perfect Mom is a Unicorn

There is really no such thing as the perfect mom, just like there’s no such thing as a unicorn. Sure, you can take a horse and put a cone on its head, but it doesn’t make it a unicorn. When it comes to motherhood, there are varying degrees of this charade. Images and stories in […]

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The Volunteer State: I Miss My Paycheck

I am in the volunteer state. Literally and figuratively. I live in Tennessee and I am a stay-at-home-mom. Huh? What? What are you taking about? I am saying that staying home with kids is kind of like volunteering. You choose to do the work and its rewarding, but there is no paycheck. When you are working, […]

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New Years: One of the Few Days We Tell Ourselves the Truth.

New Years day, for me, is one of the few days I tell myself the cold hard truth. It’s a day of personal accountability (fortunately and unfortunately). Do I have all the cliché resolutions? Certainly. Won’t bore you with them. I’ll focus on the ones that I think will be most impactful in 2010. 1. Stop multi-tasking! […]

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Merry Christmas to Me

As a mom I spend so much of my time taking care of everyone and everything else, I need to remember to stop and do something for me every now and again.  So this year, for Christmas, my friend and I decided to buy each other a facial. It was our way (a great way) to take care […]

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Girls Night In

If you have childcare or budget restraints but still need to get your girlfriend time, consider Girl’s Night In. I have a friend, who’s husband travels every week so we started doing Girl’s Night In at her house so we could see her. We get together after her kids are in bed and each bring […]

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