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Happy Valentine’s Day

Charlie (5 at the time) composed this email to his aunt, named Paula Scarborough. The name he typed into the To: space said  Pola Scarbro and I did a screen grab of his message which is as follows.   Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

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The Proposal: Our Engagement Story

My friend Beth asked me to write about my relationship with my husband on her blog for a Valentine’s series, and I said no. I said no, because that’s not the kind of thing I usually share, but I got to thinking about our engagement and decided to make an exception, because it’s pretty cool […]

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How to Make a Valentine’s Candy Bouquet

My Mom’s co-worker, Teresa, made this candy bouquet. How cute is this?!?! Photo Credit: Judy Alexander How to Make a Valentine’s Candy Bouquet Supplies: Glass, jar or vase Kabob skewers Flower arranging brick Ribbon Candy Tape and/or hot glue gun Instructions: 1. Fill a glass jar or vase with small candy. (Teresa used Hershey’s Kisses) […]

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A Not-So-Schmoopy Valentine’s Day

Had a regular (a-hem) girlie doctor check up today. My favorite question on the forms I filled out was “Do you use recreational or street drugs?” No. But great question, thanks for asking. They originally wanted to schedule the appointment tomorrow – ON VALENTINE’S DAY! Um, no thank you. For Valentine’s Day, I am hanging […]

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Simple Valentine’s Ideas for Little Kids

Last year, I made these homemade (but CUTE!) valentines for my kids, which, as it turns out, my daughter (7) didn’t love because it involved her picture. So, if you are going to do this, it’s better for a younger child. In the end, for my daughter, I wished I had just done something quick and […]

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The Best Romantic Comedies

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about some fun romantic movies.  I put together a list, but I know I am probably missing some really good ones. Would love your input. [pinit] Romantic Comedies that Make Me Laugh Out Loud French Kiss Six Days Seven Nights Bridget Jones’s Diary American Dreamer Just Friends Romantic […]

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How to Make Your Own Photo Valentines Cards

      Have you seen those valentines where there is a picture of a child holding a lollipop? Well, this year, I decided to make some. Now before you go thinking supermom thoughts, you should know I first saw this TWO years ago. That’s right – it took me a whole two years to […]

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