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The Happenings Around Here: Halloween Talk and Food Stuff

Halloween Halloween is the big topic around here right now. “Molly, what are you going to be for halloween?” “Cat.” “Charlie, how about you?” “Warren Buffet.” Actually, he no longer wants to be Warren (for Halloween anyway). He’s back on the idea of being a vending machine which he planned to do last year but instead […]

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Which Sunscreen is the Least Harmful?

Summer is coming. Over the last year I have learned a lot about food and the products we use and how good or bad for us they can be. Along the way, I discovered a web site that has a database of products which rates the chemicals in everyday beauty products and sunscreen falls under […]

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Dealing With Gluten Allergies? Check Out This Humor Book With Recipes And Rants by April Peveteaux

Conversation at girls night out runs the gamut, doesn’t it? That’s one of the things I have come to love about being a mom. You can totally tell a poop story while you all share a bowl of bean dip. At a recent GNO, dealing with gluten allergies (Celiac Disease) came up.  I mentioned this upcoming book […]

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Should You Pay for Custom Ear Plugs?

When your child has recently had ear tube surgery, there is a direct route for bacteria to enter their ear. So they will need to use earplugs when they take a bath, shower, or go to the pool. Should you pay for expensive custom earplugs? Yes, according to my sister, whose son has had three […]

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How Don Draper Ticked Me Off In Spin Class

How do I look? I asked Charlie (5) before heading out to meet some friends for dinner. “You look original, Mom.” he said with approval. Hmm, I thought. I guess that’s better than extra crispy. Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to say that to clients at a tanning salon? “Hi there. Original, or extra crispy?…Bed […]

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Allergy Spray: Snorting a Mood Swing

I recently went to the allergy doctor which was interesting and entertaining. It’s good to know what you are allergic to. Anyway, the doctor prescribed an allergy nasal spray to use twice a day. He gave me a sample and prescription for a year’s worth of something called Dymista. I used the sample for about […]

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Finding the Funny in Going To The Allergy Doctor

So, I have been having sinus issues.  I saw an ENT, who said allergies are the culprit. What happens when you go to the allergy doctor for an allergy test? First, you fill out some paperwork at home. For whatever reason, my husband decided to fill out the forms and ask me the questions. I […]

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Soda Is My Enemy

I love soda. There’s nothing like some cold bubbly with chips and salsa or pizza (or breakfast). I know. That’s bad, but when I was on caffeine, it was like my coffee. I was on Diet Coke forever and finally switched to regular Coke for fear of chemicals in the diet stuff. Then I started […]

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Tips & Information About Little Kids Who Are Having Tonsils Removed

Last year, our 3 (almost 4) year old, had his tonsils removed.  He had begun snoring over the summer and it became progressively worse until sleep apnea developed.  He would snore this really loud snore and then just stop breathing.  We found ourselves leaning into the silence and almost willing him to start again.  And […]

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Soda! Wait, What Wagon Am I On?

I was avoiding soda and doing great for a while, but have TOTALLY fallen off the wagon and as a result I am super super puffy. The state of my stomach is just not acceptable, and we are heading into the holidays where all the best foods emerge. My childhood BFF (and health nut), Melissa, […]

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