My name is Heather Alexander, and I am always on the hunt for tips and solutions that make my life as a mom easier. My husband and I have two young kids that keep us laughing. We live in Knoxville, Tennessee where I  avoid laundry and housework write TheMommyhood.com and my column in The Knoxville News Sentinel.

I’ve also just written my first book: Secrets of The Mommyhood.


My husband surprised me with a book party on his birthday. How sweet is that?!
(He totally surprised me, too. I was clueless.)

Okay, back to this blog. All moms come up with creative ways to manage life, and I believe we should share those ideas with one another to improve our collective motherhood experience. From funny-only-after-the-fact poop stories to how to make a really unique and affordable housewarming gift or the best corn on the planet, you will find helpful and entertaining tips and solutions.

And I LOVE to laugh, so while this site isn’t about my daily life, I do occasionally share stories that I think are funny and relatable. In addition to this blog, a lot of dialog happens on facebook, and I would love for you to chime in, too.

Well! Here’s hoping that a few minutes spent on TheMommyhood.com might make your life a little better in some way. And please know you could do the same for someone else by sharing your tips, insights or humor with the people in the hood.

Welcome to TheMommyhood!

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