How to Save Money on Energy Bills

Who wants to save money? Me-e! Me-e! Well, one way to go about that is to avoid Target have a home energy audit and make your home more efficient.

I must admit, I had to borrow $5 for this image from my four-year-old’s wallet. He got it from his grandparents in a Halloween card. And now back to that post about saving money…

Here’s a breakdown of energy use by area of the home.


Home Energy Audit

We had a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in-home energy audit done a couple of weeks ago. The cost was $50. Technically, the cost was $150, but there is a $100 rebate through December 31st, 2011. Our audit included an energy kit (light bulbs and such) and they give you a report on things you can do to make your home more efficient.

Looking for a Home Energy Auditor?

Check your local energy company’s web site to find an energy auditor near you. You should also ask about government rebates available for home energy improvements. In our case, we could get up to $500 in rebates.

You can also conduct your own energy audit. (More on that later).

So, how does spending 50 bucks save money on energy bills?

It doesn’t. It actually leads to more spending that will have a money-saving pay off in the long run. Following our audit, we are going to be making several changes to our home. And for that part, we are on the DIY plan. So I intend  to chronicle our adventures in energy-proofing with a trip  (or twelve) to The Home Depot.

Okay, so I just had this vision of me in the attic wearing a hazmat suit, turning on some spray foam insulation machine that is so powerful I fall on my back to the floor like a dead tree. TIMMMBERRRR!!!!!!  Thunk.

Stay tuned, Friends. THIS could be interesting!



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