One Way To Get Your Kids to Watch Less TV

Do I trick my kids? All the time. I’m sure some parenting experts would tell me I go about a lot of things the wrong way, but sometimes you just figure out what works and do it. Or, I do anyway.

On Saturday mornings, our kids wake up before we do. Sometimes they play and sometimes they go in the playroom and watch TV. (Yes, we have a TV in our playroom which is part of the problem). Anyway, that TV happens to be attached to a power strip. So sometimes on Friday night, before I go to bed, I flip the switch on the power strip to the off position. When the kids try to turn on the TV, they just think it’s not working. And they play.

Now could I just say, hey, when you wake up in the morning don’t watch TV? Yes, but when you are little kid, parents tell you “no” a lot and this is a simple way to eliminate negativity between us. Plus, it keeps them from being mad at us and dragging us out of bed earlier because we won’t let them watch TV. BONUS! I send them to another room on a false errand and “fix” it, then I get to be the hero.

Messed up, isn’t it? But, hey, it works.

Don’t we sound like awesome parents?! Alright I should admit this trickster behavior mostly comes from me. I’m not even sure my husband knows I do this.

How do you trick your kids?



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