Bright Ideas – Night-Lights

We have a stuffed animal turtle night-light that both of my kids have loved.  My son (2) has been using it a lot lately. It is a stuffed animal turtle with a hard-shell back that has stars cut out. A light from inside projects gold, blue or green stars on the ceiling. The child can choose the color by pushing different buttons. It is battery-operated and turns off after a few minutes. If it goes off before they child is ready, they can push a button to start it up again.

We have enjoyed it for a few years now. It makes for a really great gift. Thanks, Aunt Nennie!

My daughter (5) is using a lamppost nightlight that has a dimmer. It is multi-functional and it’s cute. We hang her little purses

and sweaters on it and it’s bright enough to read by before we dim it down for bedtime.  It definitely uses more energy than the turtle, but we have gotten a lot of use out of it.

So, next time you are hunting a night-light or a gift. Consider one of these bright ideas.

What do you use for a night-light for your kids?


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