Kiddo Pretend Play is Better than Watching TV

Lately, I find myself in the hallway outside the playroom. I smile and listen to what’s going on in there, while I think to myself I need get some popcorn and have a seat. Eavesdropping on my kids’ pretend play is better than watching TV. It’s my own little live theater.

My six-year-old directs a lot of the scenarios which reflect what’s happening in her world.  I even write them down (if I can remember them).

Molly, “I lost my tooth.”

Charlie, “Where? In the woods?”

The scenarios often include danger, and, therefore, dramatic breathing. No one’s running, no ones even moving, but my three-year-old some how knows that it adds a little excitement if you breathe quickly and loudly.  Sometimes my son is so loud with his breathing that he can’t hear what his sister says to respond appropriately, so he stops mid loud breath and gives and abrupt “what?”

They also call each other “Honey” a lot during pretend play. I guess it’s their way of pretending to be grown ups. There are worse things they could emulate, so I’m good with the “honey” talk,  even though it makes me try really hard not to laugh.

They found me in the hall the other day. “What are you doing out here?,” Molly asked with suspicion. I couldn’t let her bust me, so I did what any parent in danger of losing free entertainment would do, I lied. “Oh. Um, I lost my contact, yeah. Do you see it anywhere?” They helped me look. (Suckers.)

Do you ever watch your kids during pretend play? What kinds of funny things do they do?

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