Stroller Strides & How to Clean a Jogging Stroller

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Stroller Strides

My friend, Megan, runs with her baby and uses this jogging stroller. She does something called Stroller Strides, which is an exercise program that moms can do with their babies. It’s a class you take, and the one nearest me costs about $9.00 per class.

I’m actually beyond the stroller stage, but thought this might be interesting to some of you. Stroller Strides is a franchise so there are many locations. To find a class near you click here.

How to Clean Your Jogging Stroller

These strollers, like everything else in the vicinity of our darling angels, will eventually accumulate some grunge. Megan says she actually takes her stroller to one of those car washes where you operate the wash yourself. She hoses it down with the sprayer, basically power-washing the stroller. It works because this stroller is made to be water resistant. (So needless to say, this is probably not the best plan for a regular stroller). Afterwards she takes it home damp, sets it out in the sun to dry  and…voila! A super clean jogging stroller!

Too bad this wouldn’t work on car seats. I’m sure it would damage the styrofoam under the pads, but it is a really satisfying fantasy, isn’t it? I can actually see myself shooting them with a stream of water, throwing my head back and laughing as crushed goldfish crackers glued to the seat fabric with shards of bank lollipop are washed away…

Have you taken your car seats out and cleaned them lately? I dread that not only because it is a pain to do it, but also because of what I am going to find in there.  Plus, I feel sorry for my vacuum. Ew.




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