Motion-Sensor Light Switch in the Playroom

I found the coolest thing while working on our home energy project with The Home Depot – a light switch that turns off automatically. This is genius, People!

We got one ($39) and the hubs installed it in the playroom. Why there? Because that is the one place the kids ALWAYS leave the light on.

The kids can turn the light off manually by pushing the button, but if they forget – no worries! It turns off after several minutes if no one is in the room. There is also a dimmer switch on it, so you can turn the lights down that way, too. (The additional regular switch on there is for our ceiling fan).

The only thing I don’t like about it, is if the kids are in there watching a movie in the dark, I have to remember to hit the off switch as I walk by the sensor so the light doesn’t turn on and burn their little retinas.

And I would not put this in a bedroom. It would stink if your munchkin got up during the night only to be blinded by the lights.

But overall I love it. In fact, I might get one more and put it on the wall switch across from our pantry. That light is left on a lot, too.

I used gift cards provided by The Home Depot to buy this light switch. But my husband and I chose the product, and my opinion is my own.


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