Wondering What Your Kids Will Be When They Grow Up? I Am.

“Is your comma in the paper today, Mommy?” Charlie (4) recently asked. But beyond that statement, I didn’t realize he had any interest in what I do until I watched him at the park leaning on his elbow and talking to a four-year-old-girl named Molly that he knows from school:

Charlie: “What are you gonna do when you grow up?”
Molly: “I don’t know.”
Charlie: “Because I’m going to have my article in the paper. They put your picture in there an’ everything. D’you know that?”
Molly: “Let’s play with these rocks and look for jewels!
Charlie: “Okay!”

And off he went with that little gold digger. Just kidding, of course, she’s an awesome little kid.

So, I slipped back into assuming the kids don’t know or care that I enjoy writing. Then I found this on the downstairs computer last week.

He started a blog. How cute is that?

Then I remembered this drawing my daughter made a while ago. I keep it on my bulletin board above my desk. Of course I didn’t date it. (Darn it!)  Note to self: take 10 seconds to stop and put the date on things.


And I found this on the downstairs computer a couple of months ago. Great name. I even thought about buying it for her, but then I came to my senses. Although a while ago I did by the .com for their names.  It doesn’t cost much and that way they have it if they want it later.

So here I was thinking my kids were kind of clueless about what I do, when all evidence points to the contrary. I think it’s sweet and and probably fleeting, so I’m going to just stop for a moment and appreciate that my kids think what I do is fun or cool enough to emulate.

And it got me wondering what they will want to do for a living when they grow up. When I was little I wanted to be an architect (not a PR person or a writer), so I know it’s kind of pointless to try to guess based on what they do or their interests at this age, but it’s still fun to think about.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

4 Responses to Wondering What Your Kids Will Be When They Grow Up? I Am.

  1. Teri March 28, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    Sweet. Sadly thegirlhood.com is already taken otherwise I would say buy it!!!! We bought the domain names for both of our kids :)

    • Heather March 28, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

      Hi Teri! Thanks for dropping me a note. Good to know other people do that, too. How goes the party planning? Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Diana Hatcher March 28, 2012 at 11:32 pm #

    I wanted to be an architect when I was little too… and as you know, ended up as a writer and then PR person. Hmmm. Let me guess — how are your math skills:)

    If you are like me, when it comes to my kids, I feel guilt over everything. I feel guilty if something I am doing, even if I enjoy it, is making me have to say repeatedly, “not now — later when I’m done with this.” I know I should really be directing my attention and energy to my kids who for only a short time in their lives will be asking me to play with them. So it is nice sometimes to see that even if I can’t always play with them at when they ask, that they are still getting something positive out of it. So cool that what you are doing now is having some influence!

    • Heather March 29, 2012 at 11:44 am #

      Hi Diana! Awesome to hear from you, thanks you so much for your comment! That is SO interesting you wanted to be an architect and then ended up doing the writing/PR thing, too. Clearly we are cut from the same cloth. And my math skills are almost as awesome as my directional skills (I suck and following directions of any kind and I have no sense of direction). I CAN do necessity math, though. Like sewing math, although when I sew I don’t like to follow a pattern which comes right back to not following directions.

      As for guilt, I find being disorganized helps. I’m so busy being frustrated with the lack of order that (BONUS!) I can’t get around to feeling guilty sometimes. But its there, in the back of my mind, lurking. Waiting to come at me as I try to settle down and go to sleep. Guilt (and disorder) are annoying.

      I’m on one of those I-can’t-take-it-anymore cleaning rampages. I’ve been very productive so far, but now that I have turned on my computer that is pretty much over…

      Hope you have a good day,

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